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SPACE WEED [Section- Z rom hack]

Started by hiki_komori, August 18, 2016, 11:32:59 AM

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Hello everyone  ::)

I'm working since a couple of months on my first pseudo-serious rom hacking, graphics, sounds, text, title and little gameplay..

I've started hacking Section-Z, nice side scroller with portals for the Nes, and tried to make this kind of story where a pothead is falling in this acid world where he fight against stuff from the stoner culture like bongs and flying pizzas.

I'll post a couple screenshots for now, also some repros are ready :)

Hope you like it :)


Bahamut ZERO

Never played Section-Z, but this sounds like a pretty fun hack to mess around with.  :)

Though I'd say not to mention the repros part here, since generally threads end up locked whenever people talk about them. Which I don't want to see happen, especially given the amount of time I imagine you've put into this.  :thumbsup:
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Thank you for appreciation!  :beer:

What i should do about repros? Just stop talking about them?  :police:

Btw, i'm still searching for ideas so i'm open to any suggestion  :cookie:


Yes, discussion of the repro part is not permitted.
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Made couple of screens in NTSC goodness  8)



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