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Author Topic: Basics of ROM text-editing, in FFII for SNES  (Read 1004 times)


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Basics of ROM text-editing, in FFII for SNES
« on: August 10, 2016, 01:49:58 am »
OK.  So I've searched the boards and the web a bit, but maybe I'm not phrasing my question correctly.

And I really want to try doing this on my own not using any tools if I can help it.  But I figured out the text tables for the ROM, and I know I can replace any text hex value with another and it works perfectly, but when I try to add even one extra character in the middle of dialogue somewhere, the game won't even start up!

I am guessing I am probably just throwing off the references to specific addresses later in the code, however I should be able to add dialogue, no?  How do I do this, and does it involve changing the game's references to everything that occurs afterwards?  If it is, that sounds like a headache for just one character :/

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LOL omg, I just found the answer - I missed one of the Getting Started documents...  :slaps forehead:

Please forgive me!  :)
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