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"New" GBC RPG released.

Started by Lilinda, August 16, 2016, 04:48:34 PM

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The game isn't finished up. You can download the source code, which is apparently a mix of C and ASM, as well as the ROM itself.
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This looks pretty interesting, thanks for the heads up! By the way, here's a short video of it for those who are interested:

Looks a bit like a cross-over between Final Fantasy and Golden Sun in my opinion. I'm definitely going to be looking forward to trying this game out when it's ready. I've also found a nice homebrew game made for the GBA called Anguna a while back if anyone is interested:

It's a bit like Legend of Zelda, only with far less puzzles and much more monster slaying.
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I remember this. Cool to see they went back and are finally releasing it in some form.


I've already seen a preview on Matthew Valente's youtube channel, it really looks amazing! I am most certainly looking forward to playing it.


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I read about this long, long ago. The battle system looks really fun for a GBC rpg (Whatever it isn't a DQ clone has my interest) and you seem to control an old guy with fire magic. Sounds cool!

If this was released back then, I would have gone nuts. I was all over GB/C rpgs, between FF Adventure/Seiken Densetsu, FF Legend/ Sa Ga games and Pokémon (and rip-offs) this one could have been fantastic.
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