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Author Topic: [Hack Request] Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX) "Accurate" Edition  (Read 2234 times)


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Everyone knows the PSX version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 is somewhat lacking compared to the Saturn and Dreamcast versions of the game, and everyone also knows why: The PS1's hardware limitations.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Most of the characters have pretty much all their animations intact, and some of you may have noticed that when you pit a character who DOES have missing animations against a mirror match of himself (or herself), the missing animations are restored! An excellent example of this is Zangief.

So I was thinking:
Since (most) PSX emulators have far less limitations than the original PS1 hardware, maybe you guys could make an "accurate" edition of PSX Alpha 3. Restore the missing animations for all characters (you might be able to import some of the more obscure animations like T. Hawk walking backwards from the Saturn version...), and also implement proper Survival and Dramatic Battle modes as well...

Basically, I'm envisioning the "Accurate" Edition as like the Saturn version, only in English and on PlayStation.

You think this'll be possible?
Oh and one more thing: If it is possible, and the hack ever gets completed, could you release it as an upgrade patch to the original SFA3 PSX ISO as well?


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Re: [Hack Request] Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX) "Accurate" Edition
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What he said.
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