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Idea: Optimisations for Grandia 2 (PS2)

Started by papermanzero, July 21, 2016, 07:23:09 AM

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Just for curiosity. Would it be possible to hack Grandia 2 (PS2) in order to fix bugs.
I guess, most of you know the issues Grandia 2 had. It would be great to optimise Grandia 2 in a way, to be as good as the dreamcast version.


"most of us" might have a working knowledge of Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy or maybe Castlevania, beyond that though you lose people rapidly and Grandia 2 is quite far down the list there. I mean I quite liked Grandia 1 on the PS1 but that is about as far as I go, and I certainly would not be shocked to hear someone never played the series and knew nothing of it.
To that end please elaborate upon the problems, and also say if there are any improvements -- Dreamcast emulation is not so bad these days and certainly better than most PS2 offerings (for most people anyway) and thus if there is a simple alternative then nobody is going to bend over backwards.

Without knowing what changed (I imagine it is performance and colours, maybe some story/text changes and possibly some stats tweaks as that is what we often see) I can not say, however the PS2 is fairly well documented, has an emulator that works and has some hacking capability, the hardware itself can play copied games and people have been looking into and manipulating PS2 isos for years. Not so many people know it and the tools are not as nice as the 16 bit era and older but depending upon what needs doing it could be a nice introduction project.