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Merging Hi/low Rome files

Started by stevenlee1, July 14, 2016, 09:40:42 AM

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Hi I have been trying to find a utility to merge the low/high binary files into one file. This would need to work on byte and word boundaries for Genesis(8L+8H=16bits) and Atari Jaguar(16L+16H=32bits) respectively. 


Do you want a tool to deinterleave or change ROMs? There is ucon64 for that.


I have an eprom programmer that I use to read the ROMs from the cartridge. the problem is when I have a cart that uses two ROMS for lower/upper bytes or words(bytes for Genesis, words for Jaguar). Yes, I need to re-interweave the two .bin files. Forgive me I am new to the world of ROM hacking