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Some romhacking questions...

Started by John Enigma, June 26, 2016, 10:21:19 PM

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John Enigma

Almost ready to edit.

Just have one more question. Thanks for the 0x info, @USC. But I wanna know.

I tried going to offset (h)ex 40002, but I only found offset 00040000, 00040010, 00040020, and so on so forth.

Is this the correct offset, or should I change the offset base to (dec)imal or (oct)agonal?

Here is a screenshot:


You'll notice that the top row [where it says Offset (h)] has numbers to the right of it. 00, 01, 02 ... That shows how many values you are away from that row's offset.

So, for 40002,  you want to move two columns over from the 00 one. In your screenshot, you have the palette values shown in the top row.

John Enigma

^Thanks. I'll see if what I can do works.