Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)

Started by Sephirous, June 26, 2016, 05:20:45 PM

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I thought as much and alright then,also good job on the Frankenstien Sinis it's looking great so far,I am so glad that this game is getting closer and closer to being finished,I can't wait to see how you handle the Prison stage Seph,keep up the fantastic job you guys! :thumbsup:


I don't care if certain stages don't make the cut, man it's going to be great no matter what!


Indeed! And since Seph has only two stages left and then put the finishing touches  to the game and music done by Optomon,make sure there are no glitches etc and then the game is ready to be release!

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And begins the loooong wait for an update as well! XD


Small Update

In Castlevania IV in the Castle Keep there was the invisible stairs that led to an invisible platform that contained lots of power ups.
So I decided to put some of those in this game. If you see a Candle or Candle Stand that seems impossible to reach, It may be accessible after all, just with some poking around. (Also reference to Sonic And Knuckles where only Knuckles could reach certain spots, Alucard? :crazy: :thumbsup:

And of course my friends sense of humor where you can hit the Candle find a 1 Up but either it falls off the screen or lands behind a non passable wall. But with speed and accuracy you can collect it. Valuable Items should take a little effort I would think.
And there are plenty of them, My goal with this game is Exploration. Though I was unable to make this completely Non-Linear. I don't want players to be wiped out get angry and never play this again or be obvious as to where to go. So secrets are accessible, Challenge is simple but needs to be thought out rather than button masher. Many routes are created but only a few actually help you progress rather than take you back. (There are routes that seem easier to go through, Too good to be true.  8)) When in doubt challenge yourself. Pit falls are minimum, Damage the player takes is minimal. Again the fun of seeing the game through out is nice and not getting stuck and aggravated. All time sets are 600 (Ten Minutes). Enjoy the scenery don't feel pressured from a pain in the butt time limit. (I can hear the AVGN in my head with that one. Lol.) I have played too many Castlevania's where I want to throw the controller through the screen.

I'll get some more pics up later tonight.

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The last time Richter summoned The Minotaur and The Ware Wolf  to fight against Alucard in the Colosseum.
Now this time in the same Colosseum, Richter and Alucard must fight the very same Minotaur.

I wonder what it would take to convert Evil Armand (Evil Grant) into a Ware Wolf... ::)

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Another Small Update

Looks like The Cursed Prison and The Outer Wall are next. (Yep, That was an AND not an OR.)

Not counting my eggs just yet but it might be possible to create Rain for The Outer Wall.
Yet another helper suggested turning the Running Water into a Rain Animation.
Of course this will open yet another stage to be created after the next one. I swear it's like Konami seriously had all of these stages they could have created but only gave us the 15 in Castlevania III. I have counted 20 so far. Which is great, It means this will be the biggest Castlevania game on the Nes so far. I won't quote that though since I am sure someone can find a bigger one out there now that I have said that lol. But none the less, This is really beyond the expectations that I started out with.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thanks To Everyone!

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Ok, So my Rain looks like a bath shower right now...

I'll keep trying, If anyone wants to attempt 3 Frames of Rain Drops. Be my guest. :-)
(The Waterfall Graphics In Stage 6 And 9 Located With The Gears For The Clock Tower)


This is some really awesome info you are telling right now Seph,I can't wait to see the rainfall effect in the Outer Wall plus the other stage as well,it looks like everything is coming along very nicely in this rom hack the sprites,graphics,everything and with that info,Im getting even MORE eager to play this rom hack,keep up the awesome work Seph  :thumbsup: can't wait to see more screenshots this afternoon! :)


This guy put rain in his hack. Maybe you could do something like that.


That's true since Grimmlock and his crew are done with the game and planning to release this weekend,maybe you can ask them,Seph?


Seph could look at the rain in the Outer Wall section in SotN and see about recreating that.

For me, no proper updates to give.  Still working on Frankenstein's Monster, 3/4 done.
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Awesome to hear that Sinis,can't wait to see it!


Quote from: Sephirous on January 11, 2017, 12:28:04 AM
I wonder what it would take to convert Evil Armand (Evil Grant) into a Ware Wolf... ::)

I'll put it on my to-do list :)

...and here's that To-Do list to keep things updated with everyone on the progression.

-Frankenstein's Monster (7/8 done)
-Grim Reaper SotN Version
-Introduction Scene (1/8 done)
-Werewolf Armund
-Ending Scenes

Quote from: DavidtheIdeaMan on January 11, 2017, 09:34:30 PM
Awesome to hear that Sinis,can't wait to see it!

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Well well well,that's quite an interesting list of things to there Sinis,judging by it I'd say Frankenstien RoB style is just about done and you are already working on the Introduction scenes,keep up the great work!  :thumbsup:


Thanks David!

Update time from my end.

The RoB 8 bit version of Frankenstein's Monster is complete!

It wasn't all that bad on what I thought it would originally be.  Almost felt like I was messing with Medusa again since things went extremely well together lol.


There is one major issue sadly.

This is within the programming itself of how it 'cuts' the sprite up for the animation.  I tried many other versions to see if it would clip things together as thinking I screwed up somewhere but didn't.  Guess this is something that needs to be looked at.

I feel bad for pointing out all of these issues as it keeps making that list longer and longer  :P

Now its time to work on the long awaited Grim Reaper   :crazy:
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Heh heh no problemo Sinis and since you are now done with Frankenstien,it's on to start spriting Death,I can't wait to see on how it turns out? :)

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Also Im sure you'll sort that issue out with the sprite problem.


Here is the update on my end,

The glitch may not be so bad since the background where he is, is also black.

Though I may try fixing that as well since he pretty much blends in now and disappears.


Don't worry guys Im sure you'll find a way around that sprite glitch issue,by the way Seph,how goes the Prison Stage building?

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Going well I hope,well since the next stage will be the very last one,what will be the next step after all of the stages are finished and over with,you and the team putting up the finishing touches to the game?


The Cursed Prison

I have copied it as close as possible, Also added a blood pool underneath for fun.
The Palette is still iffy, I can't seem to find a good match yet but it's a start.
I will add some hanging skeletons etc in the background.

Comparison  Picture


It's looking great so far Seph,it looks very close to the original,also after this stage is the Outer Wall and then on to the last step which is making sure everything is nice and ready such the sprites (stages,enemies and bosses etc.) the music and everything else,also Im sure you'll find a way to make it more better Seph,keep up the great work! :)


looks cool so far however there is just one thing
when you look at the stage the background looks a little flat nothing "pops"
but if you add a little more black to background around the pillars and on the bottom of the wall as shadows it would make things "pop" a little more
if you look in the mansions in Castlevania 2 you can see this, heck i think even Castlevania 1 and 3 have this to some extent
anyways just thought I would throw this out there I don't know how much work that would take but it's just an idea  :)
I look forward playing this when it is done  :thumbsup:


Hmmm I believe you may have something there Nesfan,maybe you should look at the other Castlevania games for inspration Seph,but if you'll excuse me now,I got Metroid Rouge Dawn to play while waiting for this game! X3 Oh and good luck in completing the game!  :thumbsup:


Still more graphics!  :thumbsup: