Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)

Started by Sephirous, June 26, 2016, 05:20:45 PM

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Yes, The Angel Mummy is a Mid Boss, You won't be able to enter The Golden Area without defeating it.

Also, Death's Second Form is perfect and will fit entirely.
I just have to sit down with the Hex Editor and prepare to put the Puzzle Pieces together.  :thumbsup:


Ah,okay then. :)

Good luck with the rest of the stuff. :thumbsup:

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Now to wait for more updates!\

Oh and that reminds me,are you planning to upload more vids soon Sephirous?


Death Is In.  :thumbsup:

July 15, 2017, 03:17:32 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Tomorrow I am going to begin adding to The Prayer Screen and then after that fix The Game Over Screen.

Then it's off to the final touch ups. :thumbsup:


Oh ho ho,Im loving Death's new look on his second form,can't wait to see what you post tomorrow on sunday! ;D

July 15, 2017, 01:04:13 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Also waiting for the last future updates and the hype is real!


Prayer screen has been updated!

Talk about a Long tedious process!  :thumbsup:


Looks damn awesome,now the game over screen,then the touch ups and then the music and the rest is history! :D



Looks nice. :)

Say Sephrious,question,once you finish and release the game,what will you do next,Im curious to know?


I'll continue helping Sinis with his projects and probably continue working on Metroidvania.

I have some news on the music concept.

I believe the Music literally starts at address 10000.

Now I compared the NSF Directly next to the Rom and they have the same coding from 10000 - 1C000 roughly.
So naturally I copied and pasted the code hoping for a miracle and to my surprise the game for once didn't get completely destroyed. However, The music was a total mess BUT, I was able to hear SOME of the instruments from the new songs.

Once the Project is complete, I will still send it off to Optomon but figured I would run some trials to see what I could learn about it, So if I do manage to get the concept down, I can help Sinis get his music in too.

Logically my mind is trying to think obvious. (Probably over think)
NSF Files are basically watered down Roms. So if I can just get the coding where it needs to be, There might be a slim chance I can begin to create a way to import music from Custom NSF without the overwhelming headaches that come on once the subject Music gets brought up.

But most likely what is happening is, Metaphorically I am putting a CD in the Audio Player but the CD itself has no TOC. Meaning it's playing all over the place with no guidance. 

Oh oh, I found a little Easter Egg possibly, Optomon's song Bloodlines actually has the intro that is missing in the final version that I uploaded to You Tube. Because when I transferred the data to the test Rom the intro played. Pretty Cool!


I'm Impressed with the progress so far, this prayer screen is awesome.



Im surprised how hard you are working in finishing the final touches to the game and the music,keep it up Sephirous. :thumbsup:

July 16, 2017, 12:54:59 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Can't wait to see what you'll show off next?

Aaaaand the wait beings again,but hopefully it will soon end,since the game is almost finished.


Small Update:

Dialogue Corrections - Complete (Special Thanks To Sephirah)

New Font - Complete

Game Over Screen - Complete

New Passwords - Work In Progress

New Cheat Codes for the Name Entry Screen!

Start With Maria = MARIA (Symphony Of The Night Reference)

Start With Armand = ADANASTY (Symphony Of The Night Reference)

Start With Alucard = ***** (It's A Secret To Everybody)

Second Quest = ***** (It's A Secret To Everybody)

HELP ME = ****** (It's A Secret To Everybody)

Didn't want to spoil everything just yet.  :thumbsup:

New Data Found:

Castle Map Screen Location Is 0179D0

I have decided to edit the map screen next, Might as well do it all.
Plan is to turn it into the SOTN type map. Most of the paths are already there so it's just a matter of more value by value 2 hour job. Lol.

Here we go!  :thumbsup:


Oh ho ho Im liking the cheat codes plus,I hope you can get those password things done,what are the other things that you are finishing up on besides those?



Heh,awesome,keep it up Seph.

I'll fore more updates and see what you'll show off next,I can't believe all this waiting is worth it,hopefully you don't much stuff left to do because the music STILL needs to be installed XD


I know, Don't worry.  :thumbsup:


Maria now has new weapons.

Well more like Soma's Soul Steal with Greek Mythology added.

Medusa's Head turns enemies to stone. (Clash Of Titans Style, The Original Not The Remake.  :P) So imagine taking Medusa's Head from Stage 2 Boss Fight then giving it to Maria if she joins.

Chattering Skull causes extreme damage from a distance.

I am not sure what to use the Fire for just yet, I have to do some thinking.  :thumbsup:

Oh, Never mind, The Fire Bird.
The birds she uses in Rondo. I guess it's all set then.  :thumbsup:


Awesome,Im surprised that you gave Maria brand new weapons,can't wait to see them in action when the game is finished and released!

So Sephirous,what are the next things on your list?

Also,are you planning to upload another video?


Quote from: DavidtheIdeaMan on July 17, 2017, 04:41:00 PM
when the game is finished and released!

Some stuff that Sephirous wanted me to make hit some snags.  Asking him for permission to move onward with redesigning the characters as some stuff that Optomon and Dr. Mario had planned for certain attacks don't fit too well.  If he says yes then things will be held back a bit and I'll redo the characters as fast as I can but if its a no then things go on as he planned.  Whatever the outcome is I'm cool with it :)

I know everyone is getting excited and anxious for CoA to finally be released after all this time though all I ask is to bear with us and especially me.  I want to make certain things look just right for sprites in case something needs a quick face lift and adjustments before anything is released as I'm pushing aside my stuff to review and look at everything to see if anything needs touched up on my end of the work after all the changes Sephirous has done.
ROM Hacker, Reviewer and Critic.

Don't Know What Else To Say So... <3 You!


Heh heh alright,I hope he's doing well in finishing the last bit of stuff he has to do and then you can look over everything etc etc before it can be released. :)

And I'll continue waiting for more updates as usual,can't wait to see what Sephrious shows next. :)