Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)

Started by Sephirous, June 26, 2016, 05:20:45 PM

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a few more came to me

Rondo Of Blood - Opus 13/Dracula X Slash
Belmont's Revenge - Psycho Warrior
Bloodlines - Calling From Heaven
Bloodlines - Mysterious Curse (for the password screen)


You bet it is Zeikar,also I am VERY surprised that Optomon (one of the original creators of this mod) is supporting this project,seeing that Seph is nearly finished with the cursed prison stage,I am wondering what he'll work on next?


One minor nitpick: "Ware Wolf" should be "Werewolf"... unless this something other than the classic horror creature, man/wolf hybrid lycanthrope. :beer:


K, I gather from whats been posted that there is a custom soundtrack in place that was lifted from the first version of this? If not how did you guys get the custom music in? You already have a music guy? Also, it would be nice if optomon could somehow be involved if you guys don't already have a music guy. He's a quality composer and custom music for this would be a great idea.

If you guys are taking track suggestions I'd definately say you should work in battle of the holy. It's one of my fav tracks and I like to listen to it on youtube once in a while.


When I had first started this project, I asked Optomon aside from getting permission to do this hack, but also if he could help me with the music. I figure once I finish all of the simple stuff, I would contact him again and let him know what is left and if he could finish it up with the more advanced stuff. I figured I would try to do as much as I could on my own first so I wouldn't feel like I was dumping a load of easy tasks onto Optomon (Taking Advantage) that I could have done myself.  :)

When I think NES Music, Optomon is the first name that comes to mind. His work is incredible! :thumbsup:


Heh heh you got that right Seph,good ol Optomon is one talented original composer,you should really ask him for help with the music,speaking of which I hope the music suggestions from me and others help you out alot Seph and I hope work on the game itself is going well? :)


You guys are too kind.

The music that already exists isn't too hard to implement. Arrangements of existing songs aren't too hard to pull off, just might need some extra dedication if it has a lot of channels. Writing original music is the hardest.


Heh heh,nice,don't worry optomon I am very sure you can pull it off,also you can do it whenever you have alot of free time to yourself and besides your music is a must for this game,plus I hope Seph and Sinis are doing good so far with the sprites and stuff?


We have rain.  :thumbsup:

It's interesting to watch, Hardest thing is getting the frames to work. But it is definitely coming down and not going up anymore. :laugh:


At last,work on the Outer Wall has begun and this is the official last stage that you are working on Seph,so what's next right after this stage? :)

P.S. Lovely effort on the rain effect!  :thumbsup:


What kinda filter is that so there's little bits of brown every where? Or did you really draw some sprites that way? I don't think that's possible cause then there'd be four colors where the rain is. I mean black could be a color too but then there'd be no transparency.


Im not sure sure Matt I don't see anything wrong with it,well anyways I know that both Seph and Sinis are working REALLY hard onto finishing this game,I wonder if they send a message to Optomon in making more music to this game (in which I hope so) plus I am SO glad that the other three playable characters are going to get there own weapons and sub weapons but first they have to finish the outer wall stage. :)


Quote from: Sephirous on January 14, 2017, 02:35:16 AM
The Cursed Prison

I have copied it as close as possible, Also added a blood pool underneath for fun.
The Palette is still iffy, I can't seem to find a good match yet but it's a start.
I will add some hanging skeletons etc in the background.

Comparison  Picture

If you ask me, those pillars use too much white. They look like a forefront object right now. Like you can't pass them.


Well Seph fixed that issue,matt lol but we should wait Im pretty sure that Seph and Sinis are busy with things as of right now?

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So begins the wait starting now,Im pretty sure Seph and Sinis will give an update during the week?

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You know I wonder if you guys could get Sword Alucard into that Castlevania III Re-Translated romhack?

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Oh wow,it's been I think at least three for four days since Seph and Sinis gave an update on this game,hmmm I think this'll take longer than I expected,well they could message me when they have something ready because I am loving this project!


Made a mock-up screen to what the new Grim Reaper will look like from a screenshot that Sephirous gave me some time back.  I know that Seph really wanted this sprite so I just mocked the pose to that of the original of Castlevania 3 instead of going from complete scratch.  Its now completely safe to say that the Grim Reaper is 3/4 done  and without any reprogramming needed to the base form...unless Sephirous wants to use my idea to make the eyes light up only during the giant skull form fight.

I always go overboard on stuff (left side) so I can have room for whatever adjustments the game has in store for me to wreck my reality compared to that of what is in the game now from limitations (right side.)

I'll supply Sephious the left sprite when I'm done with the Grim Reaper so he can have it on hand just in case he decides to go that extra mile to eventually program it in or keep it for whatever he wants to have it for lol.
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Nicely done Sinis Death's first form looks great and the edited second form of the skull as well,so with Death's two forms done,what will you do now?


Quote from: DavidtheIdeaMan on January 24, 2017, 03:12:05 PM
Nicely done Sinis Death's first form looks great and the edited second form of the skull as well,so with Death's two forms done,what will you do now?

Once I finish up Grim Reaper through today and into the next I'll begin working on Werewolf Armund as he is my very last boss sprite to work on before editing the player sprites in the prayer and ending scenes.  Once all of that is completely done and out of the way I'll work on the boss sprites for the Zombie Trio we were talking about some time back so Sephirous can have those on hand in case they get programmed in :)
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Awesome,I'll be looking forward to seeing the other boss sprites as well as the prayer intro and ending sprite scenes,I hope you and Seph keep up the good job.  :thumbsup:

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Plus feel free to message about the progress since Im supporting the hell out of this game,not to mention Vengeance on Hell II as well XD



Indeed it is Googie but we will have to wait for a few days or weeks before another update from either Seph or Sinis XD but it'l be worth waiting for because I know Seph working really hard into finishing it.

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Update on my post,Seph,Sinis,here's this updated Alucard sprite that I mentioned to you both last year,I hope you two find it very useful? ;) I found it through a Castlevania custom romhack.

Custom Alucard Sprite