Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)

Started by Sephirous, June 26, 2016, 05:20:45 PM

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Awesome work Seph and I knew you could pot those red columns,now you just have to finish this stage and move on to the last one,your almost there! :D   

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I can't wait to see more updates you guys,the suspense is killing me! XD

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Welp,the long wait begins! XD


Working Progress.  :thumbsup:


Yay new screenshot! XD

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IT's looking great so far Seph,hopefully this'll will be done and then you can work on the last stage.


A not so good update on my end.

I once thought that the Grim Reaper was coming along smoothly but knew there will be issues and sure enough there is.  I've made 8 variations of the Grim Reaper so far and put into the area of the original but this one that Sephirous wanted me to use from a reference sprite that he gave me almost fits the bill though on the bottom you can see the back coat is out of place as its due to how he's programmed and split up.  I haven't finished the scythe because I'm about to redo him again and this is all due to the lower section which mind you is on all three animations that he has hovering around on the screen with one in particular has it sliding and pinching the bottom of his coat together.  I'm going to try some sort of hybrid version of that mixed with the Castlevania Chronicles reaper with the one out of Order of Ecclesia put into a type of style of this one since they are more ragged and tattered.  Hell, might even do a version of Lament of Innocence reaper just for the hell of it and see.  At this rate its going to take me some time because I really don't wanna pass this off until I've exhausted all of my brain power for this.

Least the giant skull form of his is going along smoothly to say the least in which I'll probably get that done tomorrow and post a screen cap of it lol  :P

Once I finish this boss I'm just gonna move directly over to Nasty Grant and do that so all bosses can be out of the way and over with before hitting the opening prayer and ending scenes.

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Im glad to see that you are half way done with Death himself,Sinis,keep up the great work you and Seph are nearly done in terms of sprites,I am glad that you guys are nearly half way there to being done with these project,hope to see more stuff down the road? :)


That death is looking great, maybe you should consider just having the coat hang down on the left side and then redraw it slightly. I know Death'd have to be shorter, but what can you do? You still have to redraw it.


Just want to say I am extremely grateful you guys are working on this game. Awesome to see some of these graphics come together as levels after all these years. I'd join in on the fun, but I'd likely end up complicating everything  :D

I do have some documentation on this game, which is something I don't usually do, but I did anyway. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this and I should be reading this thread more.


Well well if it isn't none other than thee Optomon,I am very happy that this game is revived and Im surprised that you have some left over things from the previous build of the game,also I think they need music for this game,including the new stages that Seph has created etc. :)


I figured I would make a list of things to complete and a list of things that are going to be put to the end.

Things To Complete:

Cursed Prison 80%
Outer Wall 0%
Centipede Sprite (Bone Dragon)
Address Fixes For The Rest Of The Stages (Adding Stage Connections So Game Can Run Without Debug)
Prologue Rewrite
Prologue Castle Image Converted Into Konami Logo
Epilogue (Either An Ending Story Or Credit Scroll)
Nasty Grant (Armand Ware Wolf)
Grim Reaper
Changing The Prologue Trevor Portrait Into Richter And Turning The Whip In The Prologue To A Church Type Thing

Things I Can't Complete Or Tried And Failed:

HUD Converted Into Cadence Of Agony's
(I managed to get some of it done but ran into a wall when It was time to move the Score and Health Etc. Sure I can change the graphics but once the timer etc start counting, The graphics change back to numbers and it's a mess.)

Death Second Battle Stage
When Death's first battle is complete and he turns into the Skull, The graphics for the stage get messed up because they are intended to use the original setup, Not what I have modified it to.

Dracula's Third Battle
The same thing happens here with the Stage Graphics although with Dracula's Third Form the Sprite itself is also not working out because of the game trying to create the new sprite with the old coding. Causing a mess.

The Forks In The Road
I am not sure if it's worth taking them out or not.
Without them, Replay value is lost. Still Unsure.
(Personally I would like to see the forks removed in the Original Castlevania III but that's a separate project.)

The Music Installation

Here are my ideas for that,

Since Optomon started a Soundtrack way back, Most of the tracks are intact.
Also the stages are numbered how they are in Revamp.

Intro Wheel - Agony

Name Entry Screen - Not Created Yet

Prayer Screen - Not Created Yet

Stage 0 - Entrance - Bloodlines

Boss Battle - Not Created Yet

Stage Clear - Not Created Yet

Stage 1 - Clock Tower - Bloody Tears

Stage 2 - Alchemy Lab -  (Track 8 Of The NSF File)

Stage 3 - Inner Hall - Opus 13 Or Slash (Track 7 Of The NSF File)

Stage 4 - The Library - Grand Ballade

Stage 5 - Cursed Prison - Hysteria

Stage 6 - Big Hallway - Not Created Yet

Stage 7 - The Chapel/The Colosseum - Firestorm (Not Sure If Both Stages Can Be Separated Music Wise)

Stage 8 - The Catacombs - (Track 6 Of The NSF File)

Stage 9 -  Underground Cavern - Not Created Yet

Stage A - Marble Gallery - Not Created Yet

Stage B - Celestial Gardens - Celestial Waltz (My Personal Favorite Song)

Stage C - Main Hall - Alucard's Theme Dracula's Castle SOTN

Stage D - Alternate Routes Outer Wall - Not Created Yet

Stage E - Dracula's Clock Tower - Not Created Yet

Stage E2 - Castle Keep - Not Created Yet

Dracula Second Form - Flesh Feast

Dracula Third Form - Flesh Feast 2 (With Drums)

All Clear - Not Created Yet

Player Death - Not Created Yet

Game Over - Not Created Yet

Epilogue - Not Created Yet

Credits - Not Created Yet

Removing Water Sound Effect In Stage 6
Removing Water Effects Causing Player To Blink As If Under Water When Not

Left Over Stuff:

Giving the characters weapons.
Maria's Fist, Alucard's Sword Etc.

If I remember anything else I will update this post.

So that's about it for now.  :thumbsup:


This is VERY interesting stuff Seph plus Im sorry you are having trouble with most of the stuff,but I am sure you'll figure your way around it,plus also the soundtrack list,I think I can help you with that because personally I think some of the songs don't quite fit in those stages? ^^;



I have no idea what to pick. I hadn't realized how many tracks Castlevania III had.  :thumbsup:


That's a lot of music not finished. What is that like 12 songs? I guess most are small scale. They'd likely be remixes of other songs, or ones I had already composed. Cross that bridge when I get there I guess.

The character weapons were some of the last things I was working on. I hacked in a system where Maria fired homing pigeons (1,2,3 at a time based on the upgrade). Man that was a long time ago.


Awesome I'll get right to it on the list,it'll be a REAL challenge but I'll think up good ones that'll fit the stage :) also there are TWO Clock Towers?! 0_o


If there's gonna be two clock towers maybe you could have the first one non functional like CV1. Then let the player be wowed when they happen on the one that works. Just a suggestion. I also like that Alucard is gonna have a sword. Maybe his 3 fireballs can be his single powerup, or it could be  a regular powerup and then he could use trevors weapons minus the holy cross.


just going to throw some suggestions out there
how about ?
1 New messiah
2 vampire killer (I mean like come on this one just screams Castlevania)   
3 don't wait until night
4 Reincarnated soul
5 Battle of the holy


Update time.  Progress!

Turned out way different than what I was originally aiming for since the area around the eyes glow when attacking so had to tame it down to the flat base color only.  Had a ton more detail around the eye sockets but when the attack color palette went off it made those areas glow like a sore thumb sticking out so...a toned down version is what you see.  Also had issues with the forehead which I knew I'd encounter as they relied on a color block way too much for that area so had to improvise with what was there. When I send this off to Sephirous when Grim Reaper is 100% finished I'll include the other version in case he wants to make the eyes glow only while attacking.

Now I shall begin to re-tackle Grim Reaper's base form  :P
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Lovely work Sinis that second form of Death looks awesome as hell,I wish you best of luck on redoing his first form!  :thumbsup:

Right this list is help out the soundtrack to this game and Seph in general,I hope this list proves useful to you and the team,oh and best of luck with the rest of the stuff Seph,keep up the great work! :)  :thumbsup:

01.Intro - SOTN Nocturne in the Moonlight
02.Title - Agony
03.Name Entry - SOTN Prayer
04.Password - Dracula X Requiem
05.Prayer Intro - Castlevania Chronicles The Bathead
06.Stage 0 (Clock Tower Ruins) - Chorus of Mysteries Stage 1
07.Stage 1 (Enterance) - SOTN Dracula's Castle
08.Stage 2 (Alchemy Lab) March of the Unholy
09.Stage 3 (Armory or Inner Hall) Bloodsoaked Elegy (Track 4 NSF)
10.Stage 4 (Library) Grand Ballade
11.Stage 5 (Cursed Prison) SOTN Saturn Ver. Cursed Prison
12.Stage 6 (Big Hallway) Either SCIV Prologue or Main Hall
13.Stage 7 (Chapel/Colosseum) Firestorm
14.Stage 8 (Catacombs) Disrupted Tension (Track 6 NSF)
15.Stage 9 (Underground Cavern) SOTN Crystal Teardrops
16.Stage A (Marble Gallery) SOTN Marble Gallery)
17.Stage B (Celestial Gardens) Moonlit Waltz
18.Stage C (Main Hall) Either Dracula X Vampire Killer or SOTN Tragic Prince
19.Stage D (Outer Wall/Alternate Routes) Either Belmonts Revenge Journey to Chaos or Dracula X (Snes) Map
20 Stage E (Clock Tower) Bloody Tears
21.Stage E2 (Castle Keep) Scornful Destiny (Track 5 NSF)
22.Boss Fight - Dracula X Dancing in Phantasmic Hell
23.Stage Clear - Castalevania Stage Clear
24.Dracula Battle - Dracula X Dance of Illusion
25.Flesh Feast - Second Form
26.Flesh Feast 2 - Third Form
27.All Clear - Castlevania All Clear
28.Epilouge - SOTN I am the Wind
29.Staff Roll - Dracula X Chronicles Daybreak
30.Player Death - Castlevania
31.Game Over - Castlevania

Welp this is the best I could come up with. XD


Added the grating in the background.


Nicely Seph!  :thumbsup:

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I meant nicely done! XD