Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)

Started by Sephirous, June 26, 2016, 05:20:45 PM

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Ah,well okay then,I hope you guys found a way around those sprite issues?


I think the skull is okay now though the third form on Dracula will be another issue altogether.  As for the Death second form glitch I had no clue on because I haven't gotten that far yet in messing with his sprites to see on what it is unless its something in the game play then I never noticed it unless he was placed somewhere else outside of the main hall area then there might be an issue?  Probably something like how Dracula hates your guts when placing him somewhere else away from his original space as you could not finish the level due to the curse orb not falling unless finding the same type of room and putting him in that but I haven't even done that as that is full speculation though most rooms are very similar to each other with a few unique ones here and there.
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Alright then,I'll continue waiting for more updates as time goes by,I hope you and the rest get around those problems?


The glitch that occurs with Death's Second Form isn't actually the Boss Sprite that glitches.

It's the screen trying to use the original layout of the background when it changes but since I have the graphics in a different spot. When the game looks for the original graphic it ends causing the floor and stuff to look like a mess.

Death's First and Second Sprite are not effected.

What has to be done from my understanding is I have to find the Blocks in the Hex Editor and change them to match the custom stages graphics. So when Death's Second Sprite appears the background remains the same.

But because the all of the stages use the same code for the ground BA BC BA BC BB BD BB BD

Finding the exact one for Stage 8-4 is going to take ALOT of patients.


Indeed Seph,plus waiting patiently for this rom hack will be worth waiting for,besides you and your team have to make sure everything is perfect and ready before you release it. :)


Small Update

In Castlevania IV there were a couple rooms where you could find a Weapons Bunker sort to speak, where all the items are located with lots of hearts.

So I managed to create one in this game, It's one of the few stages that has a Block with two routes.
You can take the easy route and go right to the next screen or take your time and battle a few enemies for a nice reward.

A cool thing to put in, so I did.  :thumbsup:


Sweet,sounds like an awesome idea and actually I think it's good because players can use that room to power themselves back up after losing a life and such,I can't wait what you and your team reveal next Sep,keep up the great work!


Oh by the way Seph,when are ya going to post new screenshots of the new stuff,I am dying to know on what they look like! X3



Hmmmm I guess that area could work but unless Seph wants to add it though,but he could be adding a different stage all together but,then again,we have no idea what stage he'll add next since the game is close to being done and all.


I requested access to the stage above, I have room for it.

I asked Lexou Duck and Kradakor, Just waiting for replies.

Update: Lexou Duck has granted access! Yay!

Update: Kradakor has also granted access! Yay! Yay!

Permission Granted, Make It So No.1!  :thumbsup:

Here is the latest stage.

Standard Room

The Night Room

The Gold Room

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Another idea came to me, Possibly turning the spiders into those half women spiders that shoot webs.  :thumbsup:


Amazing and excellent work on the Marble Gallery stage there Seph,I also like to point out that you have each part of the stage split into three themes,fricken genius,I can't wait on what you do with the Outer Wall stage,hope to see more. ;)  :thumbsup:




Next stage on the way.

Interesting about this one is, The grey bricks won't show up with certain Emulator Palettes.
FCEU Emulator works with the Default Palette (Nitsuja) Or something like that, which I did have to select in the Emulator Settings.
Other Emulators seems to work fine too. An interesting thing none the less.

The bricks don't look grey in the picture because of stretching but they are the ones behind Richter.


Is that the Colloseum from SOTN or is it the Prison from the Saturn version I mentioned,I am really curious also with this stage and the Marble Gallery,we just need two stages left and then move on to the last step in putting the finishing touches to this game and bam it'll be released!


Small progress on the Rondo of Blood version of Frankenstein.

Sadly it has an empty line in the shoulder area which was there before I edited that spot so no clue on how to fix it.  The other torso areas are getting animated due to the fact that the Frankenstein located in Rondo of Blood has a stationary torso and arms while walking compared to where Castlevania 3's version is animated.  I inserted the torso into the other areas to see if things would look decent or come somewhat close to Rondo of Blood's version but it didn't by any means so I'm going to spend some time on getting those made.
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Amazing  :thumbsup:

Small Update Here,
I am going to "Attempt" to edit the HUD.
I think that is what it is called, I managed to find the Hex Values surrounding the Score, Hearts Etc.
So I will give that a shot and see what happens. I was going to leave the original HUD but it feels incomplete and lazy if I don't at least try to create the new one.

Let's see what happens.  :thumbsup:

@David The Idea Man

That picture is the Colosseum, The Dungeon is going to use some of the same graphics but using a Grey and White Palette instead of the red one that is in the pic above and then believe it or not there is only one stage left and that is going to be an alternative route to Stages 2 and 6. I might try fixing up Stage 6 since I haven't used the style that matches the rest. But that is simple fixes. The hard stuff is at last coming down to the end.

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For people that didn't click the youtube link I posted:

I would base your HUD off this. You don't need the status or x and y position or map. Instead of the mp you could have the boss health. You could maybe make the hp go higher than usual since it don't need to be represented visually.