Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)

Started by Sephirous, June 26, 2016, 05:20:45 PM

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I think I accidentally confused some stuff before.


I got asked earlier in the week if I could import the CV2 graphics if the creators of that project had abandoned it.
This way the graphics wouldn't go to waste.

I actually got a chance to check out the Video that had surfaced and honestly, The CV2 Project is a successor to mine and I don't think it would be a good idea to import anything from that hack.
Optomon had stated in the comments that it may be possible that a creator of the CV2 Hack is still working on it and doing well. :thumbsup:

In which case it's off limits as far as I am concerned.

The Music Engine is different from CV2 so the music would be Downgraded if it got put in CV3 making it sound crappy.
The graphics them selves don't match the CV3 Setup, Meaning I would be pretty much insulting the graphics and loosing the potential they have. (Color Match Up, Clipping Of Graphics And Limited Graphic Space.) The same thing occurs when I convert Mockup Screens into real screens.
The way the game handles stuff on the screens sometimes doesn't translate well from one to the other.
A picture can do anything, A NES Rom is very limited.

To sum it up, We can find another way to get more stages.
CV2 Hack Vs. Cadence is like PC Vs. Mac, They both have similar hardware but how they run and work, Completely different.

@ Everyone Else

The sprites look amazing! :thumbsup:

Also the idea about the Doppelganger was involving separating the boss sprite from the main characters so Simon Belmont could rise from his grave and battle Richter in the town of Aljibra or something to that nature.

What I would really like to do is involve the Grave Stone from the ending of Simon's Quest, Change the name from Dracula to Simon and do something like that for the stage after Aljibra.

Speaking of which, Rondo Of Bloods first stage says it is Alibra but I am pretty sure from looking at the stages from Simon's Quest that the first stage is Jova. I don't think the sign post in Rondo's Stage is right. :o
After looking at Aljibra in Simon's Quest, The layout isn't even the same.


QuoteSpeaking of which, Rondo Of Bloods first stage says it is Alibra but I am pretty sure from looking at the stages from Simon's Quest that the first stage is Jova. I don't think the sign post in Rondo's Stage is right. :o
After looking at Aljibra in Simon's Quest, The layout isn't even the same.

Trying to make sense of this stuff is a losing battle. Konami didn't waste much time on continuity and as far as I can tell only tried to apply an "official" series timeline long after the fact. Just go with whatever you feel is best for the individual story you are telling because for most of the games that's exactly what they appeared to do. Nothing really has to make sense in a Castlevania game. Example: laser cannons and motorcycle riding skeltons carrying machineguns in the 1800's.
Cigarettes, ice-cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary...


That's sounds like an interesting idea about a Simon Belmont boss fight,like to test Ritcher if he's really worthy of wielding the Vampire Killer,also is possible,he should use the Sub Weapons in battle as well,oh and check this vid out I found,it features a edited Alucard Sprite!


An update from me.  I'm slowly coming along but progress is progress!

Pacha's version of Dracula is fully functional.  I had to make some slight changes under the arm while he holds up the scepter to attack as there was extra clutter that I erased out so it looked clean.  I also erased the cape behind his head so the cape wouldn't bleed through while Dracula was stationary and moving.  I'm currently doing the fire attacks and once those are done I'll pass them onto Sephirous.

Next up...

I put in the skull to what Sephirous asked for.  The palettes will be changed around from what Sephirous stated some time back so please ignore the odd look it has right now lol.  I'll edit the spittle sprites into an updated version then pass this on.

I have his 3rd form 1/8 done.  Still fiddling around with it but its slowly coming along.

..and yes, that is my Sonia Belmont sprite.  She'll be whipping it out with the stuff that I get from others, make and edit into a side ROM for testing before Sephirous gets them  ;)

Back on track.  Other bosses on my list after Dracula's forms are complete are the Skull Knight, Frankenstein, Grim Reaper, Big Bat and the Monster Duo/Trio.  Then once those are done I'll skip back to Richter's opening cut scene sprite edit and ending sprites.

That's about the gist of things from my end for now.  Cya all later when I update again!
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Loving the Dracula sprites,ashame he won't attack like he in SOTN,but none the less I am very eager the updated sprites you'll make to the other bosses. Also here's an interesting idea,the three coffins should be the Fake Trio,I think it would be awesome.



This stuff is AWESOME!

Thank you and PachaWillWatchaYa so much for these sprites, They look so good!

The palettes I can fix, Most likely Dracula's first form is going to share the colors with the skull which is fine.
Might take some effort but I am sure I can get it looking pretty good.

Yes, It would be cool to involve the Trio from SOTN.
But most likely like the Doppelganger idea, It would take some heavier programming which I can inquire about towards the end when we get to the music installation.

Other than that, WOW!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


The Trio from SotN eh?  Well...technically I could get away with it but there would be two Fake Trevor zombies running about.  The cyclops would be a grotesque version of Grant's cursed form though dunno on how that would look when its used elsewhere when its just a giant disfigured Grant zombie by itself unless it can be reprogrammed altogether to use an edited version of the actual Grant sprite that would act just like his cursed form when confronted in the clock tower.  Might be a nightmare for whoever is up to programming that in.  Would be interesting.  The Leviathan can be pulled off to look like Sypha's SotN zombie version but I'd have to bring up something to make it look believable for her to jump and smash around on the screen.  I'm already getting ideas, just need to fiddle with the concept more.

Would have to put this idea on paper and keep it to the side.  If possible to reprogram it entirely into the SotN trio while they all come out at once I can make zombie versions of them no problem.  Would have to keep the special attacks to one item per boss to avoid major lag issues...and see about Sypha floating around like a slow Big Bat with a fireball attack aimed towards where ever the player is at.

I'll do these ideas last on my boss sprites list.  You'd have to definitely find someone dedicated into doing this because I still don't know jack on programming lol  :D
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Hey,a guy can dream can't he,lol. XD

But anyways this hack will be amazing and I am VERY excited to play it when it gets released,on a side note I drawing out ideas for like a special edition for a Dracula's Curse rom hack.


It's been awhile since I have had time to work on the project but no fear it is still a go.  :thumbsup:

Thanks to Sinus for importing the new Dracula Sprites we now have a working Dracula.

Problem is, The worst thing possible happened. I expected this but really hoped it would just not happen but it did.

Dracula's Second Form has two Palettes and it seems the second palette is only the very top of the skull.
First I figured I would just change it to 28 18 08 and it would be fine....Problem is the Candles have to be using the second Palette as well so you end up with the mess in the pic below.

So...How can I make the top part of the skull use the same Palette as the rest of it.
I know this is possible because when I worked on previous projects using Title screen Editors they had the ability to change the Palette of each 4 Pixel Block by right clicking. "Stake Editor"
I am not sure how to explain because I don't know the technical terms, Its when you right click on a square with 4 tiny squares inside it. The palette changes only for that square.

So I most likely will have to change it manually using the hex editor.
If anyone knows how I can find the hex value to change let me know.

I'll start doing some trial and error.


Glad to see this project still going strong,I was worried it was canceled but thankfully it's not,Im sure you'll find a way around the situation that you a are in now,I have a feeling that this romhack is close to being finished but still,I think there's quite a few more stuff left to be put into this game,keep up the great work Seph!  :thumbsup:



The answer to my problem revolves around PPU OAM.

Tonight over a Burger King meal, My wife and I have been racking our heads trying to figure this out. Luckily I found an article on this subject and will begin trying some things. Let's see what happens.  :thumbsup:


Hey no problem,I am really eager to play it,I have the the original Castlevania Cadence of Agony Alpha rom and just playing around with it,gearing myself up until the release!


Quote from: DavidtheIdeaMan on November 26, 2016, 11:16:50 AM
Hey no problem,I am really eager to play it,I have the the original Castlevania Cadence of Agony Alpha rom and just playing around with it,gearing myself up until the release!

Depending if we can find someone who's dedicated into reprogramming stuff.  I expressed a recent concern that's related to the 3rd Dracula form which didn't allow me to fully implement on what I made as certain tiny areas shared the same sprites as a few others on Dracula's giant form.  Not only did that bring up an issue but it also made a singular separate sprite above the left shoulder.  I reinserted the original and it disappeared so, again, was another double sprite.  How that one area among many fed off the same sprite is beyond me because nothing matched up there.  On my end, the third form is 3/4 done as I was going to begin making adjustments depending on how it looked in an emulator compared to on a sheet but...whoever at Konami programmed that in needs to be slugged on the shoulder extremely hard because it actually got me frustrated.

So long story short and I can't speak for Sephirous (if he wants to correct me on this in which I hope he can clarify that as this is his project), might need to find a dedicated programmer for this project besides the music as he was wanting especially for changing Dracula's 3rd form and the idea about a zombie trio making their way into the game.  I tried to learn programming recently and finds out I can't remember it too well as I'm one of those people who isn't good with numbers...hard to explain it but that's how I am...reason why I hated math so I'm going to stick to sprites lol.

Anyway, I shall do a small update on my end to show on what's up.

I know people were wanting to see it so here ya go.  Kept it somewhat similar to Optomon's art design from what he had going.  This version isn't a final but shows on what I was trying to aim for to what I explained in the above text.

The beginning of replacing the Skull Knight with the Minotaur.  Upon editing this I came upon something odd.  There are 'gaps' within the original sprite itself which is quite bizarre that the original designer left them.  I can get past that no problem but I'm absolutely dumbfounded as to why they were left.  There is also clipping going on to what Dracula's original base sprite was doing so I'm gonna have to spend a lot of time on this one to get it right as there is a lot of chest movement from one animation frame to the next.

That's about it from me for now.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Those sprites are looking very lovely so far! Keep it up guys!


What I am going to do is finish the left over easy stuff first until there isn't anything left but these final boss scenarios.

Then drop a message to Optomon and see if he knows anything about how to approach this.

Pretty much do everything I possibly can and only leave the absolute impossible stuff for the end.
As weird as it may sound, This way I wont feel like I am taking advantage of anyone else or being lazy.

Then when it comes time to present the problems to the more powerful creators it will be worth their time sort to speak and I won't feel like I am insulting them with simple edits that I should be able to figure out myself.
Or something like that.  :thumbsup:

So what I am going to do next is begin another stage, There are still 3-4 left that need to be done.


Heh heh nice Seph,I am very eager to see what the other stages will look like that you have thought up,well after you've done the left over things that to be done to the game. :)   

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Man,I wish I could test the game out?


I can't believe how uneducated I was when I first started this project.

I decided to go back to stage one and look over it to make sure it was up to par.

Holy crap I can't believe how much I have learned since then.

All the things I thought were impossible then, I just completed and it looks awesome!

Still tweaking Palettes and some stuff, But it now almost looks exactly like the Beta.

And finally, The Icon of the game! The Skeleton Portrait!


Don't worry the moment the game is playable from stage to stage I'll let you know.  :thumbsup:
I'm getting excited to play the final product too. It's sort of in pieces at the moment because I am doing everything possible to protect the Prayer Screen from getting messed up. The thought of having to put it back together pixel by pixel makes me want to use a bathroom.  :banghead:
Right now the game starts on a garbled mess because I don't have the first stages graphic set assigned.


Ah okay then,plus Im liking the new improved sprites on the castle enterance!

December 06, 2016, 10:39:10 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Keep up the great work Seph,can't wait to see the new improvements AND the new stages! ;)


Small update from me.  The Simon Belmont boss that will eventually replace the Doppelganger is done along with slight progress on the Minotaur.

Since the Doppelganger is an exact replica of Trevor in Dracula's Curse I went ahead and just replaced Trevor's sprite with my version of Simon so it'll be pretty much a copy and paste to when that part of the programming comes along.  He's not the take on Castlevania but Simon's Quest's version.  Felt since that was his recent and last encounter with Dracula that is what Richter and crew will come across.

Edit: Made a quick edit to the picture as it now shows the proper hand that is on Simon while attacking.  Accidentally used an older screen cap before the hand was changed.  My bad  :P
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The Minotaur is looking very so far and Im liking the Simon sprite,can't wait to face him as a boss when the game is released,geez the more updates I see done to this romhack the more I am pumped up to play it,keep it up you guys! :D  :thumbsup: