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Vampire Bat Boss - Cadence Of Agony - Replacement (Last Remaining Three)

Carmilla's Mask (Simon's Quest)
6 (40%)
Vampire Succubus
6 (40%)
Darkside (Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge)
3 (20%)

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Author Topic: Castlevania II - COA (Linear Reboot) & Castlevania II - SQ (Linear Reboot)  (Read 246566 times)


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So, friendly necrobumping the thread here to update everyone on Cadence of Agony.

So many people saying this project is cancelled.  Why would we cancel something that's at 90%?  Eh, whatever floats a person's boat with spreading misinformation  ::)

Video update for CoA on where its at right now with a tiny fun info dump to those that like tidbits of information :)


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