[SMD]Lord Monarch: Tokoton Sentou Densetsu english translation (It's done!)

Started by Oddoai-sama, June 25, 2016, 04:33:21 PM

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A little something I and TheMajinZenki have been trying to put together in the past couple months. It started thanks to the tools we found here: http://www.romhacking.net/abandoned/[29]Lord%20Monarch.zip

The script file we managed to extract has been fully translated by him (should be around 75% of the game) and we've been looking for romhacking support to find the rest of the text and reinsert everything properly. I tried to contact the hacker for the finished russian translation but we haven't heard back from him yet, though someone explained me that the graphics use the same RLE compression as Langrisser 2.

If someone more tech savvy than us is interested by this project, let us know. Extracting more text and dealing with the programming are the only holdups at this point.


08/28/2016 update: Attract mode! We've reached the point where we need someone to review the translated script so that we can finalize it. All help appreciated! Editor found! Thanks for the quick response.

11/17/2020 update: Done! You can already look up the patch on Nebulous but it'll get uploaded here too.




OKay, I'll see what I can do.

I need you be more precise. What do you want exactly ? Can you provide screenshots and savestates (GENS format) just before the text / gfx you want to decompress ?


The title screen and save manager would be good starts as far as graphics go, but we'll also need a proper dump in the first place as some lines aren't extracted by that tool. To make things easier, I still have my old clear save that'll let me go back to any story stage. I'll go grab save states from around the game to give examples.

Edit: Here are a few strings of text missing from our file. That includes the mini tutorial after the second title screen, two events from the prologue, two events from a chapter 2 map and one event from chapter 5.


On a side note, the game won't let me load map save states outside a map but it works if I try from the mini tutorial. (I used GensKMod)

I also included my clear save for good measure, it'll come in handy.


OK.They are likely different problems. I'll start by the title screen. It's indeed compressed and I think I found the decompression routine. I'm studying it, it can take some time.


Just wanted to say I'm happy you guys found each other. I'll be happy to try this very unique game when the time comes! ;D


Normally rest of the discussion will mainly be in private, but for the sake of recording, I'm writing my finds on the game in datacrystal.


Lots of progress throughout this summer so it's time for a little update We have a mostly stable build and what seems like 99% of the script inserted. We're now looking for an editor's help to polish the translation itself. Post in this thread or send me a PM if you'd like to volunteer.

Edit: That was quick. Welcome to the team!



hi guys!! great to hear there is a translation project for this game. Recently got really interested in it. The megadrive version looks like one of the best - graphics and sound are awesome.  Just wondering how the project is going ?? I can offer help with jap>eng translation but looks like you guys have that mostly figured out.


Hi! We're actually in the final stages of beta but tryphon lost his computer months ago and got swarmed by work. The project is safe but it's taking a while to set up for it again. We'll release a patch when he takes care of the few remaining critical bugs/details and after I go through the whole story again for one last polish run. In the meantime, here's the latest video I posted last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWCbR2S5YLM


thank you for the update!! no rush - great to hear you guys are still continuing with the project.  :woot!:


Hey everyone, just a little status update. This is still being in the work but seeing as we're unable to contact Tryphon who's probably still pretty busy, we've started back the hacking work from scratch a while ago to move the project along. I'll keep you posted when we have something new to show.


Just got into the series and am hooked. This entry looks awesome. initial progress you guys made looks great. any idea on an update?


Everything's been hibernating since my last post as we've definitely lost the original hacker's attention. Someone else's started tinkering with the game last month but no big news on that front yet. I'm still very much interested to see this project through, it's just that it's being held back by the technical side of things.


Just a quick update to say that technical hell is over and a new beta starts now. Things are going to move forward again so stay tuned!


Wow, that's nice to hear! Wish you look with finishing the project. Never delved in the series , but seemed interesting from afar, might get into it now.


Really rooting for this one...the original Lord Monarch Online never sated my appetite for this game. Such a great mechanic and it sounds like this game is fantastic. Just wanted to indicate my interest and support, and glad to see this progressing all the way till recent.