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Lost Romhack Request Thread

Started by Kallisto, June 19, 2016, 05:38:51 PM

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Then report it. Or are you just trolling?

Obvious troll is obvious.


Quote from: Rodimus Primal on October 05, 2016, 11:39:55 PM
I have a copy of Dragon Quest I+II for Super Famicom that has the traslation, the fixed title screen patch, and the bugfix for the Prince in the Inn all applied. I remember the author of the Inn bugfix wanted to release it here but RHDN's site rules prevented him from doing so. I think he chose to only release it on byuu's board. After byuu updated his website and forum, that link disappeared, but I still have that copy on my PC.

What could be done with that?

wow! I want!


[Snipped - Old Post]


So I have a request again, I've noticed that Startling Odyssey II english patch was missing off this site, and it would be wonderful someone could re-add this patch back on RHDN. Also another benefit would be to nice if Startling Odyssey I is structured similarly to Startling Odyssey II which would allow easier translating & hacking for future Translators/Romhackers.