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Android and Steam development?

Started by nitwit, June 09, 2016, 02:22:24 AM

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Does anyone have experience developing games on Android or Steam?


That is a rather different couple of distribution platforms to compare and either would be pretty broad for a forum post.

Steam for the most part is standard PC OS development, unless you mean the various libraries Steam affords you for authentication, savegame/user data transfer, various aspects of network play, chat protocols and DRM. Oh and a web API for stats and such like if you want that . has more on what that does.

Android I have mostly tried to avoid getting my hands dirty with, however if you understand Java, have a basic awareness of how Unix/Linux works underneath it all and then mash the two together by reading you will do OK. For most game purposes you will probably not need most of that either.


Like FAST said you need a license for both, which you need to request. As for the actual development, Visual Studio 2015 is the best way to start for either case, since they recently added Android platforms to the SDK (i.e. you don't have to use that big pile of crap called Eclipse anymore).