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Author Topic: FFTA2 (DS): Requesting Sprite Editing Basics  (Read 1349 times)


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FFTA2 (DS): Requesting Sprite Editing Basics
« on: June 09, 2016, 01:42:31 am »
I have never really edited graphics before; the most I've done in that regard is change the palettes of sprites in the GBA Fire Emblem games.  Just advance warning before shooting an explanation that goes way over my head. 

I've been able to use DeSmuME's Sprite Viewer and Palette Viewer to at least see some of the things I want to manipulate, but I have no real idea how to go about actually executing said sprite edits.  The two most specific things I want to do are:

-change the text on one of the job placards.  This is actually not present in the game in text form, they're pre-drawn.  I have to edit one of these in a tile editor to get it to look the way I want it to.  I've even seen these placards in the sprite viewer, but I don't know how to interpret their location in the ROM from DeSmuME's interface.
-add a battle sprite sequence for Luso that allows him to handle the Doubleshot A-Ability with ranged weapons (normally, if you try to have a non-Sniper/Assassin/Viera Archer use Doubleshot, the game'll hang), and also possibly hand cannons (again, most sprites hang when they try it).  I honestly think this will be little more than a copy-paste affair of existing Luso spirtes, as it's likely that the devs just left that particular segment of his spritesheet blank.  However, I have -no- idea where character sprites are, I couldn't even find them in DeSmuME's sprite viewer.

I think the main thing I really need help with is determining what tile editor/s is/are capable of properly viewing the contents of the FFTA2 ROM, and which codec I need to be using to at least be able to visually detect the sprites (a palette I can figure out later, though I wish DeSmuME's palette viewer had an export function, or if it does I don't know where it is).  I am 95+% sure that the game's graphical data is NOT compressed, which should hopefully make explaining this to me a bit easier.  Once I can actually see what I'm doing I should be fine (I hope...).

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me out!