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Super Castlevania 4 - Classic CV sprite port

Started by MathUser2929, June 01, 2016, 04:15:47 PM

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I released a hack earlier. It ported the HUD and font from CV 1 and 3.

I been working on it more and I added classic CV1 items.

Now I used a pic of classic simon as inspiration on how to color the main character, the suit and body are now the same color. He don't look naked like I thought he would. I guess it could be cause I lightened up the skin color tho.

I am satisfied with how it is turning out. If I could get a sprite artist I could take this thing further, perhaps classic outfit for Simons sprite, and a port of trevors sprite for the cv3 hack. New spritework would be needed for the swinging , multiwhipping, and crawling.

I could disable these features but that would add new obstacles to some areas that need them like the rotating room.

Anyway, I'm gonna update just this thread now I think.


Isn't there any enlarged version of this screenshot? It looks tiny as hell.


There's a image zoom plugin for fire-fox. If you're using firefox.


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Both pictures are in their native resolution.


Quote from: MathUser2929 on June 01, 2016, 08:09:44 PM
Both pictures are in their native resolution.
I believe he meant the native resolution of the respective consoles.


I just pressed F12. I didn't do any resizing. I'm pretty sure the SNES one is in it's native resolution. The NES one I posted was merely to show what the simon sprite looked like in it, you can see that clearly.


The SNES screenshot looks right to me. It's resolution was only like 200 something by 200 something.
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Bahamut ZERO

...I don't see a problem with the screenshots.

Nice looking sprite work you got going dude. Are you going for a classic NES for the whole game?
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I was mostly porting over elements I felt they changed too much. I don't plan on touching enemies for the most part, nor level elements.

I successfully changed the color of Simon in the intro:

I ran into a problem changing simon in the ending:

That top part of the sprite don't seem to share the same palette as the rest. I mean the shoulders. Since I can't find those sprites on the sprite viewer in vSNES I can't pick the correct palette. So I can't change that part of the sprite to match the rest. Anyone have any idea where that palette could be?


First thing to note, Simon's body is a background, while his head/whip are a sprite (because they have animation). You can see that using the scene viewer in vSNES (or simply by disabling layers in an emulator).

The top 8 palettes are for backgrounds and the bottom 8 are for sprites. So the palettes you want are:

--ROM Addresses--

Palette #1 = 0x3559E - 0x355BD
Palette #2 = 0x355BE - 0x355DD
Palette #3 = 0x355DE - 0x355FD

Palette #4 = 0x3563E - 0x3565D
Palette #5 = 0x3565E - 0x3567D


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That pixel you were talking about being off was trouble. I had to change a bunch of palettes just to find out what palette applied to it. Anyway, thanks for the help. Here's a patch of the latest version:

It has what's in the first patch, and it also has weapon and item icons from CV1, and also the recolored Simon. If anyone would know how to make the boomerang not go so far that would help with this patch too. It annoys me that it has infinite reach.


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Well, this is the only other place I know to upload it that allows direct linking. Ignore the virus warning.


It gave me a chill downloading the first (technically second) real patch for SCV4. :)


What may be the final version was uploaded to the site:

The only thing I added is this special sprite edit to the end boss:

Other than that it's the same as the last patch. I wanted to do a boomerang hack but noone came forward with a method to change it's behavior so this is how it has to be released.