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ZAMN bytes seem out of place?

Started by alexnobody, May 30, 2016, 08:24:52 AM

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There is a sound in Zombies Ate My Neighbors that I wish to silence completely so that it never plays. I'm very new at this, but it seems fairly simple, if I'm understanding the process right: open the ROM in a hex editor, change the parts that say "what sound should play right now?" from the sound I don't like to one of the silent "sound" bytes instead. But when I open the file, it doesn't seem like any of the bytes are matching up properly. The simplest example would be "password chime," since that's referred to by the same name in both the ROM map and the Tables; 15997 should be 03, but it is 65.

My understanding is that some games come in headered and headerless versions, meaning there will be a difference in size due to a number of filler bytes at the beginning. Mine doesn't seem to have a header, which is frustrating, because It would be much easier to remove a header then to add one, since I have no idea how big the header is meant to be. Google doesn't seem to know, and I can't really "deduce" it by searching for landmark bytes. (such as 03 for the "password chime.") I tried that, but the same values are shared by lot of different things, so I never know what part I'm looking at.


Well, I can tell you that the first Google hit for <snes remove header> is .

But anyway, the first ROM I found was exactly 1,048,576 bytes (1024x1024), and one would not expect there to be an extraneous header with such a nice "round" number.  A bit more Googling reveals that the header is expected to be 512 bytes.

I also see that byte 15997 is 65 .  Evidently the ROM map was made for a ROM with a header.  512 in hex is 200, and indeed at offset 15797 you find 03.
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200 LESS? I never would have thought of that..... I guess the file used for the ROM Map had a header then, huh? I knew there would be an easy solution. Sorry about that, I was really confused. And thank you for the help. <3