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Yearly Translation Patch Data Thread

Started by filler, January 02, 2019, 04:20:37 PM

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Time marches on and I'm here once again to summarize the English language translation patch activity for the previous year. How did 2021 fare?

Once again, the past year saw the greatest number of new and updated English language translation patches to date. 123 specifically. The screenshot says "122" but it's apparently missing the GameCube for some reason, and there was one fully playable English language GameCube translation patch released this year.

We're seeing a decline year-over-year in NES/Famicom patches, though it's still the system with the highest number of patches at 17. The SNES/Super Famicom also declined to 12 from 21 last year. Releases for other systems made up the slack however.

Surprisingly, the GameBoy took 2nd place (knocking the SNES to 3rd) with 14 patches this year. The GBA and DS also made strong showings, enough for me to call this they year of the Nintendo handhelds. Other stand-outs include a record 8 PlayStation patches, and strong showings from the Saturn, TG-16, WonderSwan, PlayStataion 2, MSX, and FDS with 5 patches each.

If I may presume to speak for the community for a moment, allow me congratulate everyone on another a great year in English language translation patch releases. Each released patch, English language or otherwise, is a significant accomplishment and something I hope we can all be proud of.

Here are the raw data for the peanut gallery.


And we already have a new PCE patch this year. ;) Seems that PCE/CD and PS1 will get quite a few new patches, since there are plenty of ongoing projects that may be finished soon-ish. The same goes to NDS. I'd also like to add that there 'are' 3DS and, supposedly, even Switch fan-translations, but as far as I know none of them are on RHDN. They're not allowed to be on the site yet for obvious reasons (well, at least obvious for Switch). On the other hand, I suspect there will likely be fewer and fewer FC/SFC patches as years go by. There are also systems which don't have much stuff left to translate, like the Master System. Overall, this should be a pretty good year for various project as well.

cj iwakura

Quote from: cj iwakura on January 03, 2021, 01:07:31 PM
Surreal to think it's already been a year since Sakura... there's an update pending to fix battle sprites and such, but it's still pending.

If this year brings us Shikigami 2, I'll be a happy camper.


But also, some great gems this year. Seeing P2 finally break its curse in '22 would be really special.

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There were 16 Saturn patches last year that I'm aware of (the majority of them updates to existing patches)

Lunar SSSC (MPEG) (Update)
Lunar SSS (Update)
Dracula-X (Update)
Cotton 2
Grandia (Update)
Sega Ages: I Love Mickey Mouse / I Love Donald Duck Collection
Sakura Wars (Update)
Firepro Wrestling Gaiden Blazing Tornado
Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble (Update)
Vandal Hearts (Update)
Valhollian (Update)
Bulk Slash
Shining Force 3 Scenario 1 (Update)
Shining Force 3 Scenario 2 (Update)
Shining Force 3 Scenario 3 (Update)
Shining Force 3 Premium Disc (Update)

Some stuff tends to go to segaxtreme rather than here though.  Presume the authors preference.