ROM Hacks: Skies of Arcadia: Legends Maeson Released

Started by RHDNBot, May 18, 2016, 10:27:57 PM

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If there's a PAL hack with the option to disable enemy encounters when you explore, I have to try this.

I played the game Pal-Spanish (dc & gc version) and I hate these battles when you want to find new areas, secrets, etc


Trust in the Heart of the Cards


I made a quick patch of cleartonic's B Button Hack for the PAL Release by comparing the changes made to the ISO and looking on the PAL version, but please have in mind that I cannot test it myself right now, so make a backup of your ISO and your save files just in case.

Here's the link:

About a PAL version of my hack, I am sorry but I don't have any plans for it.
I'm off for some time. If for some weird, strange, and important reason, you need to talk to me, just send me a PM and probably I'll read it whenever I come back.


I noticed that Aika's Alpha Storm is doing 500-600 damage to multiple enemies for 3 spirit points, while Vyse's single target Cutlass Fury is doing about 170 damage. That seems wrong to the point where I'm wondering if I somehow patched wrong and the values are messed up. Is this normal?