The Legend of Zelda: Born of a Legend Bugfixed

Started by Darklink7884, February 25, 2016, 08:33:20 PM

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I received a request to fix this hack. This particular one was abandoned by the Spanish hacker Trifindo some three to five years ago. Only two dungeons were ever completed, the third one was incomplete, and the rest of them were left untouched in their original state. The overworld map was also a mess. All that has been fixed, so that the player can now beat the first quest in its entirety.

Version 2.0: This is a demo version of the hack which fixes the overworld map and the first quest dungeons. The 2nd Quest dungeons will be redone sometime in the near future, and some dungeons may even get new colors in the final version.


Should any bugs or flaws arise, which should be minimal, send me a PM and I will address it ASAP.

I will post screenshots later.

UPDATE 26/02/2016: There were two Magical Boomerangs in the first quest, and the second one (which was found in Level-6) should have been the Magical Rod. A Version 2.2 patch was released to fix this problem. Apologies to everyone for the goofup.


I remember stumbling upon the Spanish thread for this years ago. I was disappointed when it stopped receiving updates. I'll have to check this out.



Update 27/02/2016: There was an extra key in Level-2 in the first quest, and there were several keys missing in Level-7 and an extra Red Candle. All that has been fixed. Apologies to everyone for the goof up.

In addition, the following improvements have also been made:
** Some caves have been moved around or changed.
** Moved a staircase in Level-1 in the first quest to make way for a bomb capacity upgrade.
** Level-6 (the navy blue-colored dungeon that requires the use of the Ocarina to get into) has been changed back to Level-5, and vice versa. The Old Man with the in-game clue "12 Guards Watch the Ocarina" has also been moved around.
** The first two 2nd Quest dungeons are now completed.

Download (Version 2.3):

John Enigma


Hey Darklink, I sent over a copy of the ROM with the Title Screen fixed. Check your inbox.


Quote from: mrrichard999 on February 27, 2016, 05:35:13 PM
Hey Darklink, I sent over a copy of the ROM with the Title Screen fixed. Check your inbox.

I checked it out already and it looks great. Only problem is the overworld map and dungeons are still in their original state and I don't really want to start over.

I'd really like to fix the title screen myself, translate everything back to English, and change the colors on some dungeons. I may have to release a Version 2.4, then.

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Quote from: John Enigma on February 27, 2016, 04:26:13 PM
I wish I could see some screenshots.

Here are the screenshots:

Starting Point:
Raft Screen:
Level-1 Bomb Upgrade:
Empty Fairy Pond:
Level-6 Entrance:
Level-9 Entrance:
Ones Who Do Not Have Triforce Can't Enter.:

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As a side note, I'm thinking about adding custom music to he final version of the game.


I'm stuck in nivel 9.  Can't seem to progress any further after finding the master key.  Seems like ive exhausted every option.  Can anyone verify that they completed version2.3?
Thanks a ton.  Loving playing it.