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Filly Fantasy IV
« on: June 24, 2018, 03:27:10 pm »
I've wanted to make a ponification of Final Fantasy IV, but have the minor villain and ninja playable in the same game. I want to keep like the Playable Golbez Edition hack by Fedorajoe, but still have a playable ninja. I've completed the commands for each character. Everything else including gear, items, stats, enemies, and magic. The character I've decided to be left out of the playable cast is Flash Sentry. This was the only way fpr Sunset Shimmer to become a playable character. The differences for the beginning and the end is Applebloom becoming playable at the beginning instead of Luna, and Luna leaving with Celestia after Adagio is defeated. Fauntleroy, also known Fedorajoe, became a big inspiration to my project.
Do you have any suggestions for Level Up magic for Fluttershy? She's the ninja of the game. Sunset Shimmer's spells are high-level damaging magic including Flame, Flood, and Blitz and she will know all the high damaging level magic by the time she joins the party. I've used ff4kster to make Filly Fantasy IV.

June 25, 2018, 10:38:52 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Filly Fantasy IV Character List:
DKCecil=Unicorn Twilight
(Note:She will act the same as Kain like the original game and Playable Golbez Edition but will go with Celestia in the Ending staying true to the MLP canon)
Palom=Belle(Sweetie Belle)
PCecil=Alicorn Twilight
Playable Edge=Sunset Shimmer
(Note: Sunset Shimmer will have Edge's data but she will be a playable character while acting the same as Golbez in the Playable Golbez Edition hack minus the ending)
Unplayable Golbez=Flash Sentry
(Note:Flash Sentry will act as a supporting character and will have Edge's stats from The After Years, but will use powerful damaging magic against Adagio.
It will say Golbez in game data, but Flash Sentry will act the same as Edge in Fedorajoe's Playable Golbez Hack of Final Fantasy IV)

Filly Fantasy IV Ability Set:
Unicorn Twilight->DKCecil plus Black Magic using Tella's Black Magic set.
Luna->Kain's After Years abilities
Trixie->Tellah with Smoke replacing recall.
Zephy(Zephyr Breeze)->Edward
Note: Fluttershy will use Edge Geraldine's stats from The After Years. Rosa's Spell set will replaced with Ninjitsu because she is a ninja. The other spell ninjitsu names will use their original names due to engine limitations.
Alicorn Twilight->Fusoya
Applejack->Cid abilities from Playable Golbez Edition
Sunset Shimmer->Golbez abilities from Playable Golbez Edition minus Pressure which will be replaced with Scan.
Note: Celestia will only use white magic during the time she's playable. She trains with Flash
Sentry offscreen to use black magic and will help Flash Sentry avenge his parents.

Armor Set:
Unicorn Twilight->DKCecil
Fluttershy->Edge(All of Rosa's gear in the original game is replaced ninja references using Namingway Edition as a base)
Alicorn Twilight->PCecil
Sunset Shimmer->Golbez Equipment from Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition hack by Fedorajoe
Mare Rarity->AdultRydia

Assets from Playable Golbez Edition
Playable Golbez
Golbez Gear renamed to suit Sunset Shimmer
Items and Gear Names

Assets from Namingway Edition
Shop Items and Items from Japanese Version of Final Fantasy IV but
censor white mage gear for Rosa and give it to Celestia.

What needs to be included:
Hold Y to Run-This is a perfect tool if people want to speedrun Filly Fantasy IV.
Maximum Experience Sharing-

I want to have Applebloom in the beginning of the game instead of Luna and Luna leaving with Celestia instead of Sunset. I'll email my Filly Fantasy IV rom I've worked on using ff4kster to any one of you guys.

June 26, 2018, 02:04:18 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
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