Any hex-editor with: string/dte/mte highlight, shift-jis/table and copy/paste?

Started by aweigh, May 01, 2016, 11:13:55 PM

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Basically is there any editor that has the highlighting of windhex (i find it invaluable) but, unlike windhex, actually allows copy/paste and scrolling with the mouse-wheel?

I can live without wheel-scrolling as that's not important, just grown used to it. I've tried hex workshop, 010 hex editor, and mad edit and neither of the three have these things.

- hex workshop doesn't support shift-jis, therefore it is unsable.
- 010 hex editor and mad edit don't feature string/dte/mte highlight.

i tend to resort to using windhex + crystaltile in conjunction most of the time but i would love to be able to just use one editor.

Oh, and if the editors i mentioned do actually have these features and I missed them out of idiocy please tell me!


I think I did crowbar at least the kana + Roman alphabet in the 8??? region of shiftJIS into hex workshop once -- I used its encoding definition tool which was truly tedious. This would have been an older version but I don't think the newer one has gained anything nice here.

A major problem with using a hex editor like this is games will occasionally go for 8 bit alignment which tends to break the decoders for hex editors. If it is just at file level then fine and you add or remove some padding and remove or add at the end but if you have 16 bit encodings and 8 bit control characters (new line for instance) or other 8 bit sections it really messes things up.

When you say string do you mean like hex workshop's find strings command? There is also a nice enough one in tiny hexer.
DTE/MTE highlight? I assume you mean the thing like in hex workshop where it highlights certain hex values if you ask it to. I do not think I ever used it for 010 but it is a basic piece of functionality I would expect in such an editor and should be usable for it.


i went back to 010 and i must be going crazy for having missed the highlighting options. however so far windhex is STILL the only hex editor i've seent hat will highlight sub-strings, i.e. any character that is referenced by a pointer. it is EXTREMELY useful for me anyway, not implying it's something essential.

however 010 highlights control chars and lets me add new ones, which is very nice, same with linebreaks and non-ASCII (although why anyone would need constant highlighting of non-ASCII i dunno). it only has one quirk that makes it unusable: if you copy something from the text field (using 010 with shift-jis encoding, obviously) and then paste it outside of 010, say, onto ANOTHER hex editor for example then the pasted output will be garbage :(

since CT2 highlights control chars as well by default allows copy/pasting outside of itself i guess it'll still be the best one for me for now. 010 has some good functionality though, basically it's the same as hex workshop for the tools (shifting bytes, operations, replacing, comparing, etc) but with shift-jis support. so i guess now there's no need to ever use hex workshop again.