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I can't patch anything?

Started by Cindyrandomneko, May 05, 2016, 04:19:20 PM

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To keep this short, I came to this site to find pokemon rom hacks (GBA) and so far none of them I've downloaded have worked, All of my patchers either say they can't read them or it doesn't match the file, I have the purest roms for these games yet they aren't working -
Altair&Sirius, Flora Sky Final, Resolute and Victory Fire are all the ones I've downloaded, Yes I am using the correct patchers and they are all up to date, Do the hacks no longer work or something? Thanks for reading.


The "purest" rom does not count. You need to look at the corresponding ISO/ROM information, and then look up the CRC-32 ID of your original Rom, which is required.

You need to load your original rom in this program
and look up the CRC-32 ID. The number must match with what is written under ROM/ISO info on the hack-page.

In addition you need to be carful with the "header" thing, obsolete bytes at the beginning of the original rom. Under "Patching info" of the hack-page you have the header or no header. You also need to know the region, like US, EU, Japan. If you have an US rom, but the patch requires the Japan rom or the JU rom, it will not work.

Once you have the region, header and the CRC-32 matching, there should be no reason why any hack would not work after patching.


Thanks, I'll try that out and reply back if I have any issues.


And of course, remember to decompress any downloaded files.