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Author Topic: Is it "possible" to black out textures (game commands, etc) and edit white text?  (Read 942 times)


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...and thus remove completely the need for me to spend days and days trying to extract the gim and tga files from Elminage 2 and 3 for the PSP so I can somehow, magically, edit them in Photoshop or the like and slap on some english letters on those textures and then spend more days and days trying to re-insert the images correctly and rebuild the ISO?

ex. Elminage 2 and 3, like almost all games, have several big ole tiles of textures for the "menus" and the like; you know what i mean the stuff you select such as FIGHT! and RUN! during a random encounter. Normally this is no never mind to me as the games i've worked on previously all have such crucial game elements squarely in text-strings and not in a texture or anything similar so I've never learned to edit images. But that's not even the problem: extracting that stuff from the PSP games is... well, it's hard. And it gets double hard when you want to re-insert and rebuild.

so i was thinking: why can't we just hex edit fu those textures and black 'em out, you know what i'm saying; and SOMEHOW, (key word here, "SOMEHOW", this being the reason for the post and all since I dunno how); SOMEHOW then just write english letters on the blacked out menu commands?

am i sleep deprived and posting a retarded post or is there something here? obviously aesthetics of the end result is 0% a concern for me.

basically use this...

to black out and insert english letters on these lil fellas...
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