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Author Topic: Streets of Rage 2: Patriots Edition  (Read 2027 times)


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Streets of Rage 2: Patriots Edition
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:48:50 pm »
Getting ready to submit a hack of SOR2.

Basically a mishmash of other previously done stuff.

Re-did the opening intro to making it topical, funny (I think), satirical and more interesting.

I didn't want to just leave it at that.

Hack already includes"

Restores Mr. X’s cigar from the Japanese version.

-Restores the number of enemy knockouts status bar on the pause screen from the Japanese version, press the “A” button to see it.

-Color corrected the whole game to make more sense (better flesh tones, etc.) Some people might not like this. Feels better to me.

-Changes the music on the Pirate Ship stage to play the unused “Little Money Avenue” music track.

-Changed the enemies names completely to make it topical. Trump now replaces Mr. X. Hillary replaces Jet and few other characters. Galsia is now Redneck. Donovan is now Skinhead, and other political injokes.

Hate or love me for my politics, but I try to make jabs at ALL sides of the political spectrum.

As for the fighters themselves....I decided to a complete redux. Borrowing the Final Fight characters recently introduced (properly, IMHO). Max replaced by Haggar with a now a proper piledriver is so much better in my own opinion.

*****Work left to be done*****

A proper ending. I figured out how to change the closing credits with a hex editor. Instead it will read some ridiculous, satirical ending about the end of the Trump era, etc. Always felt like the photos only ending was stingy, like the game was rushed into production. Now the game will have something in the way of a proper text ending, etc.

****Could use the following help****
I've always wanted to change one thing that bothered me about SO2. I've seen in other hacks where custom enemies have been made.

Anyone knows what tools were used for this?

Saw some mention of a custom stage editor. Is this out in a beta form somewhere?

As for making a custom enemy. Would love help changing one enemy in the game. In the jungle level you get a color palette change of Zamba (sp?) into a red creature that is supposed to be SOR1 "Souther." Cop out IMHO. In "Streets of Rage 2x" for OpenBor the author Kratus must've shared my sentiment and he replaced the character with a funny Samurai commando type. Would love to do something similar with this, if it is even possible.

Any help is appreciated! If I can't figure the final piece of this.... I will just release as it.



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Re: Streets of Rage 2: Patriots Edition
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2019, 12:53:23 pm »
Silly question maybe, but have you tried Pancake 2? It seems to be what you're looking for in terms of editing enemies.

There's also a thread around here about salvadorc7's Save Stage editor, though it still seems to be in development and, unless I'm mistaken, edits levels in save files - not sure how you'd implement those changes into the game ROM itself.