46 Okunen Monogatari: The Shinkaron / E.V.O. (PC-98) - English Translation

Started by hollowaytape, April 19, 2016, 10:47:25 PM

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Raccoon Sam

Hello and thank you for the kind words.
Of course you may use my title - it would be an honor :)

However, what I did was a quick and dirty mockup in Photoshop. I do not know if it is even compliant with the color/tile/whatever limitations of PC-98.
I don't even have the original PSD file archived anywhere. I just whipped it up and saved a PNG; I never kept the original source file, haha.

But yeah, if you can use that as a base and do any necessary fixes you want, sure thing, go ahead.


Thanks for replying Racoon Sam! No worries, I'm pretty sure I can duplicate the design, but since I really like the font-style and how you blended each of the colors, I definitely would like to try and recreate it. I also like that the O reminds me of typical stone wheel that you would find in typical caveman related stories/games, and since you can become a human in E.V.O.., at least in the SNES version, that's a nice touch.

Would you happen to remember the font you used for it? If not no worries, I'll eventually find it through trial and error or through the What the Font? website.

Thanks again for contributing this mockup!



Oh, yeah! I did really like the dusty color blending of Racoon Sam's mockup, that would be a great thing to try to recreate.

Kuoushi did tons of translation work, and is zeroing in on the game over screens/alternate endings right now. I am working on stamping out some nasty crashes, as well as writing a script to typeset the game's text correctly.

The plot to this game is really something else. I can't wait to share it with you all!
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Thirteen 1355

Hardcoregaming101 has a neat page dedicated to this game, including the story.
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Bahamut ZERO

I KNEW dinosaurs got their knowledge from Lucifer! >:D

Jokes aside, this looks like a badass game! Glad to see it getting a translation.
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Raccoon Sam

SkyeWelse, as I remember it, I worked (for the first and so far only time) in a Anamorphic 2:1 Pixel Aspect Ratio.
I then laid out my text in Gotham Ultra with no anti-alias. With the original Japanese logo next to it, I tried to recreate the dither pattern and used it as my fill pattern. I think I snatched some pattern bits straight out from the original logo.
Once I had a flat text done, I simply 'extruded' it a few pixels to the background.

EDIT: now that I look at it, jeeeez my kerning was way off  :-[


Thanks very much Racoon Sam! I think I have everything that I needed to put that into the title screen graphic. Should be ready for testing now.

I was able to get most of the original image brought in to the edited background, changed only a few things such as the colors at the top of the V and the spacing of some of the letters and period bullets while adding that final period bullet. I kind of wish it could be left out, but since it was in the original, I suppose it needs to be here too.


Raccoon Sam


I'm down to about 21 (of 47) evolution game over stories to go, which is the last of the text that needs translation. I'll hopefully finish that before the weekend.

Then it's time to start beating the script into shape with revisions and making sure everything sounds good as well as fits nicely into all of the text boxes and things.

Good progress being made.

Edit: The first draft of the script is done! Still a lot of work ahead though.


Quote from: SkyeWelse on October 12, 2016, 01:13:15 PM

Messaged you the link for the archive of the scans :)

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Let me know if you guys need any other various assistance :) photoshop etc

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I have an idea for a new project once this one is done :>   ::) :cookie:


There's still a lot of work to do, but I'd like to submit Exhibit A. The first thirtyish seconds of in-game footage in English.

Early early early build, English is subject to change, etc, etc. (Also the colors aren't perfect but that's due to my recording software. Need to figure out what it's doing.)

Click this

Thirteen 1355

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I checked out the video, your project is coming out great. Excellent job.


One more quick little video from later on in the first chapter so you guys know we're getting through this really well.


Still ironing out bugs and fixing English. Also I got rid of the scanlines that were in the last webm so you can see how it looks with and without depending your emulator settings.

Won't be posting too many more videos, don't want to spoil things from the game for you guys, but I will probably try to make a trailer closer to release!

Thirteen 1355

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Hello friends, I come to thank the opportunity to translate this great game for the Portuguese of Brazil. I'll do my best!


Any interest after this is done to look at an SNES remake? New levels? I always found the original game ended too short. Happy to help with graphics/story :)

Thirteen 1355

Nah, the SNES version is boring as hell. Shitty music, controls and flat levels. I can understand people are really interested in the evolution mechanics, but I will never understand how people name this game their favourite.
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