[GameCube] Donkey Konga 2 - Japan Songs (US & EU - Version 1.0)

Started by RadioTails, January 13, 2017, 04:40:35 PM

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Since I don't want to bump my old topic / ruin the information, I have made a new one.  The old one can be found at this location, which contains information on the hacking process: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=16635.0

What this hack does is imports all the songs from the Japan version into the US or EU version.  Before people go and say "why not just play the Japan Version", well because of a few issues:
- Navigating the Japanese Menus.
- Have to use the Japan BIOS to save the game.
- Has a lame mode from Donkey Konga where all the beats are hidden while the US/EU replaces this mode where the beats are randomized, so that's neat.

So this hack will fix those issues for people who want it.  I have had a lot of requests to upload this, although because of a few issues which I will explain later, is the reason I've not rushed to upload this.  I'm trying to also sort my computer files out, so my aim is to get them organized.  Also, I'm hoping this may get people's attention to help fix some issues.

The links are below:
- Donkey Konga 2 (US) - 1.0
- Donkey Konga 2 (EU) - 1.0

Please beware that each file is under 200MB, which you can blame the music files.  The patching files will only work on Windows.  As for the way the patching works, you should be able to use any ISO that you download / dump yourself.  In short, once you shrink the file, it should always have the same MD5 and SHA1.  Check the Read Me for more details.

Both patches also have a different Game ID.  This means a different save file will be created, leaving the original Donkey Konga 2 save files on your memory card.

As for which version to use, I'll list them:

USA Version:
- Game Region: USA (NTSC-U/C)
- Language: English
- TV Output: NTSC (480i)
- Progressive Scan: NTSC (480p) if using Component Cable

Europe Version:
- Game Region: Europle (PAL)
- Langauges: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
- TV Output: PAL50 (576i)
- Alternative Output: PAL60 (480i)
- 1 Extra Song: Super Mario Bros 3 Theme

As for playing this hack, if using a Wii or Wii U, I recommend using the Homebrew Channel and using Nintendont.  What is great about this app is you can run the game from the SD Card or USB, but it loads the required BIOS and TV Output.  This means you play the US version on a EU Machine and vice versa.  Plus you can chose which language to use (EU Version only).  If you have the GameCube Adapter for the Wii U, then you can still use the Bongo Controllers.

As for playing on the GameCube, there is this SD Media Launcher which can be setup to play backups. I plan on getting one to try this out myself.

Now there a few issues that do need fixing.  The good news is you can play all the songs!  The bad news is the Song Select Menu isn't so pretty at the moment.  If the game does crash, let me know and I'll investigate.

This is what it looks like in the EU version:

Basically, the song order is incorrect.  I need to figure out the code in the main.dol file on how to fix this issue.  Hopefully I can get some help in figuring this out.
Before someone goes "why not just change the order", because that takes ages and is not the correct way to do.  However, I will use that method as a last resort.

This is what it looks like in the US version:

Like the EU version, the songs are not in the correct order.  Not only that, the Genre text doesn't appear and the genre color backgrounds are slightly different.  I'm pretty sure the Genre text has been programmed to be ignore them, because if I delete the text file with the genre text, it crashes the game.  Again, help is required.
As a last resort, I could just organize the songs and make each background color "Yellow, Green, Yellow, Green" like in the US version.

Now while I can't use all the Japan sound effects, since they use way more than the US / EU version, I have instead replaced the ones you can buy in the shop with some from the Japanese versions of Donkey Konga 2 & 3.

List of new sound effects are below (for both versions):
DK2_00 = Smash Bros.
DK2_01 = Drums
DK2_02 = Western
DK2_03 = Sea Mammals
DK2_04 = Star Fox
DK2_05 = Birds
DK2_06 = Pac-Man
DK2_07 = Disc Jockey
DK2_08 = Tambourine
DK2_09 = Starfy
DK2_10 = Dinosaurs
DK2_11 = Triple Bongos
DK2_12 = R.B.I. Baseball
DK2_13 = Pikmin
DK2_14 = Monkeys
DK2_15 = Samba

What I would also like to figure out is how to get the Donkey Konga 1 sound effects unlocked by default.  At the moment, it checks a save file from Donkey Konga 1, and if it's unlocked on that save file, it's unlocked in Donkey Konga 2.

The rest of the stuff, I can fix myself.  First, while I'm sure the banana difficulties are correct, I will double check.

Some of Dixie's Notes will need to be changes.  If you check my old topic, I kinda started it.  It's just checking the edits that are fun.

Improve any misc text.  One being when you select the "Random" button, it mentions "It's anyone's guess what songs will appear."  It's only one song that will be selected, silly text.  So it should say "It's anyone's guess what song will be selected."

I will mention that while no graphics need editing for this project, PhOeNiX did implant the ability to view the ".nut" graphic files used in Donkey Konga (well only the first texture).  Can be found here.  Hopefully it can be updated so they can be fully edited if any do need to be edited.  Need to contact them.

Finally, the text for the other languages (EU version).  So if you speak French, German, Spanish or Italian, let me know and I'll supply the required files to edit.  The main files that will need to be edited are:
- The Songs
- The Sound Effects (the ones in the shop)
- Dixie's Notes (the ones that I have made edits to)
- Any misc text.

For the Japanese songs, you will notice I have included the English translation above.  Well you can include the translation for the required language.  For example (I'm using google translation for the example, do no need to point that out):

Pour l'amour.
Thème de fin pour "Jeu, set et match!"

Enjoy Donkey Konga 2!
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