More hacking for SMRPG:LotSS! With Geiger's SNES9x Debugger

Started by Yakibomb, April 18, 2016, 02:33:05 AM

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Hello! After some breakthroughs with overworld menu hacking, I've decided to step even further out the deep end. Along the way I've gotten wonderful help to get by, however when it comes to me to search the deeper waters... I've unfortunately run into a few problems, as expected.

Now on the surface, I've come for help. What's my problem?

While working with Super Mario RPG:LotSS, I've run into a problem trying to locate how the animations change in battle. I'm not really sure what to do to look for these things, nor do I know what to look for. I'm looking for how sprites change, like when a character turns into a Scarecrow, or when a character is put to sleep. There is a bug when a character is invincible; When timing a block with the character being attacked, they "walk in place" for unknown reasons. I am trying to find the fix to this, so it plays the correct defending animation.

Not asking for someone to do this for me, but instead for someone to show me the method or direction I should go about this. (If someone did find the fix to that bug I mentioned for me, I could probably learn from it, so no harm done either way)

Thank you in advance! I will be patient waiting. :)