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Breath of Fire II - What Would You Change?

Started by justin3009, March 06, 2016, 09:53:04 AM

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The encouter rate is to high. I cannot play this game because of that.


I also just remembered this display of hacking skills.
It would be great if we had songs from BoF3 and 4 in a new hack.

Here the songs the hacker used in question, for those who haven't played the PS titles.



Pure Again

Truth and Dreams


Quote from: justin3009 on January 19, 2018, 04:32:08 PM
Definitely allowing Ryu to be removed from the party is one of the biggest things I wanted. I looked into it partially but the game really likes to soft lock in a lot of events without him there so there might have to be some serious event modifying to make it work.

That's a real bummer. What about just implementing a post game that you can just freely explore the world and choose anyone you want?


IMO Maeson's BoF2 hack does wonders for a lot of the gameplay complaints mentioned here.  I played through the entire thing and found that most of the rebalancing was really well done, including making shaman use a bit more nuanced (although not totally balance-issue-free).  It's also very compatible with the translation patch!

If you're looking for a good BoF 2 hack, I'd seriously suggest giving that one a go, even if it doesn't make Jean optional (I love Jean, just FYI).


Quote from: justin3009 on January 06, 2018, 04:52:18 PM
I'm so sorry about missing this post until now.

The reason you couldn't figure out Bleu's stat growth is because they actually forgot to include it in the game. Her stat growth chart starts where the enemy groups are which is why her stats just sky rocket as she goes up. The entire stat growth table for all characters would 'have' to be moved and Bleu's essentially would have to be made from scratch. She legitimately was a last second add on from how it looks like on the internal code of everything which would explain a lot of the mess.

Yeah, I understand that. What I was trying to tinker with was pointing her stat growth to an existing table's (probably Spar's). With different enough base stats at a relatively high starting level, you'd never notice her sharing the same growth as someone else. I think that would probably be the most effective way to fix her. 


In Ryu's starting stats he has a single byte set to 40 that locks him into the party, changing this byte to 0 (as all other characters have) will prevent the game from loading up.

However if you open a save file in a hex editor and change that byte in his current stats he can be removed, there are a few places this can cause glitches but the biggest offender is the house in township.

Unrelated but interesting, if you change Tiga's HP value to anything else he will become 'mortal' and winning the battle has no ill effects