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Zelda Gamekit
« on: June 10, 2016, 09:47:51 pm »
Dev Livestreams (at 8 PM PST on most days)
The gamekit is made in Construct 2 r227, which is a game editor akin to Game Maker, except it primarily supports HTML5.

(haven't been here in ages, was on a two-three year hiatus from my old project then been busy for a month with this, wanted to polish it first)
Been working on a gamekit that plays like the oldschool 2D Zelda games, such as A Link to The Past, Minish Cap, and Four Swords. A Link to the Past is where most of the influence and design will be but I'm considering implementing gameplay mechanics from the other games, including the 3D ones.

This started on the 22th of February (2016), and progress is coming along. A bunch of basic gameplay features are implemented, along with basic a-rpg combat, some functioning items, and an inventory system. A full version (capx and all) will be released once nearly all of the gameplay mechanics are in and bugfree. Edit: Took a small break at the end of March until this May, but now back to work with this.

Scirra, for this awesome game engine that is so amazingly capable
Nintendo, for the video game series that ahem is...a legend.
amiltonbr, for the original base this gamekit is partially based on (although, the capx has been stripped of most of that, save for the 8d movement)
schueppe, advice and sharing techniques with me on how to handle ARPG things
dpyellow, for his old Zelda capx I found (it helped me integrate a few things, namely the pause menu, future shooting/passive AI and future bombs/bow/boomerang)
R0j0hound, for his sliding against diagonal slopes example
C-7, for an example of ledge jumping and dynamic lighting
Magistross, for the dialog system (edited version of a paid Scirra store products, kudos Magi)

Screenshots and videos:
Video 1 (very early build, when I first started)
Video 2 (mid-build)
Video 3 (build 0.6)
Video 4 (latest 0.7)
Dev Livestream
Dev Livestream 2  (latest unstable build, 6/9/2016)
Inventory screen
Enemy stuff
Current HUD
Reworked textbox/dialog
Heart containers and pieces
Functioning lamp
Map changing
Dynamic lighting

Current Features:
*Tilemaps for mapping, with original resolution tiles (two tilemaps, one on bottom for mapping, and one on top for setting collision detections for walls, etc)
*Eight directional movement with proper animation
*Variables, gametext, and item configurable gamedata stored in arrays, set predefined by loaded JSON files
*Basic pickupable overworld objects (keys, rupees, hearts, etc)
*Signs, with proper textbox, font, letter by letter text, proper pausing and skipping
*Pushable blocks, they move 16 tiles per push, have animations and sound, and will not move if against an obstacle
*Switches, enough said
*Chests, animations and sound, can be locked
*Liftable and throwable objects (pots as example)
*Doorway transition animations
*Zone based camera
*Functioning doorways into other rooms (if on a big map, such as one floor of a dungeon or Hyrule Castle)
*Proper collision detection (solid walls, working stairs in a room, etc)
*Heart Pieces & Heart Containers
*Hearts and magic bar system
*Basic patrolling pathfinding and line of sight AI (with Green Soldier as an example)
*Basic combat (collision detection, sword swinging, etc)
*Inventory system (moving cursor, cursor bounded to menu boundaries, sound effects, flashing cursor, and setting item to active slot)
*Sliding against diagonal slopes
*Jumping from ledges
*Working bridges that can be passed under/over
*Map-changing (such as going inside of houses)
*Compiled tilemaps like this
*Dynamic lighting (like in A Link to The Past's Hyrule Castle Sewers)

Planned Features (in order of priority):
*Different enemy AIs beyond basic, including possibly Boss AI but generally passive and shooting AI (already have working examples outside of the gamekit)
*Proper title/menu screen with save system support
*Optional day/night system (can be disabled)
*Gamepad support
*Expanding gamedata jsons and eventing to include extra mechanics from other Zelda games such as Fire Arrows, Lens of Truth, and Pictobox (not a high priority)
*Customizable drag and drop sets of compiled tilemaps/HUDs/SEs (choose between A Link To The Past, Minish Cap, Four Swords, or Ocarina of Time, not a high priority atm)


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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2016, 11:06:01 pm »
Comment removed because reasons...
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Re: Zelda Gamekit
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2016, 11:13:30 pm »
I'm unlcear what this is, does it have any sort of manipulation of a ROM?

I doubt it. The movement in the video didn't seem natural, like it was an imitation of the Zelda III engine. It will be interesting to see where this goes though. Hyrule Magic is like a huge wall between this game and all the mods that could be.
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Re: Zelda Gamekit
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2016, 12:21:04 am »
That looks pretty nice, what you got so far. I remember being psyched by that BS classic editor from years ago. I never played it much but I liked the idea of using those graphics to create new maps.


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Re: Zelda Gamekit
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2016, 01:37:43 am »
Yeah, I have this topic on a few other places, and it's just easier to keep it updated like that sometimes.

I had intended for this to be the backing for some projects in C2 (thus, see the bold at the top, it says what the engine is if you hadn't noticed, FCandChill), but I also wanted to expand and provide more tools and assets for people wants to make Zelda-esque games outside of romhacking, which I think is an admirable effort to put one's self up to.
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