Dr. Alexandria (Dr. Alex) - Dr. Mario Rom Hack WIP [spriter needed]

Started by Prince Manic, February 25, 2016, 04:12:40 PM

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Prince Manic

I been working on the hack and even done the main text and other changes to reflect my own hack featuring Alexandria a REAL Doctor you'll visit! So anyway here's the game that almost completed! I can say about 99.2% Complete or so

Title Screen original idea

Title Screen new idea (Prototype)

Gameplay (1-player)

since she's red I'm not sure if there's a good red to kinda match her so this color on Mario isn't final though.
I could to the left color I've used on the Giant Pill Logo! but I need to do further tests until she's done

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-gLhzvPCLTT4/Vg-ZWwKyYYI/AAAAAAAAHG4/sjqKM3rihaI/s800-Ic42/Dr._Alexandria.png - Alexandria to be replacing Dr. Mario with her as the character.

I've tried thebackhex from Da but nothing yet so....if there's anyone who can sprite the whole sprite sheet of mario just like the Pinkie pie one then message me I would love to get this hack done!