Music issue with Bregalad's FF4 sound restoration patch

Started by Lolailo, February 19, 2016, 01:17:45 PM

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Hi, I'm new here!

I'm a lover of FF saga classics, and hence a great admirer of bregald's sound restoration patches. However, today I've noticed something while playing my patched rom of FF4 advance.

When accessing the music player, which is unlocked by completing the game once, one can play every piece from the game's BGM. However, when selecting the first piece, "Prologue", what sounds instead is the Shoopuf theme from FFX, "Shoopuf Noru".

Has anyone encountered this issue? Isn't a big problem, but I wanted to ask here.

It would be great if Bregalad could read this personally; thanks for your work man! With your patches, FF4-5-6 are an even greater experience.