Ultimate Zombies Ate My Neighbors update - how to post?

Started by Banjo, February 19, 2016, 05:10:53 AM

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Hi folks (first post here, I think!)

I've long been a fan of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, including the few awesome hacks out there that have add new levels to the game.

Having recently discovered a level editor that works a lot better than the (still awesome) older one that was likely used to make the first major ZAMN hack: Frank Maggiore's "Ultimate ZAMN" (downloadable here.

To better learn how it works, I used it to go in and edit Frank's hack to finally have the correct level names as specified in his original read-me text file (except in a couple of cases where I had to shorten them slightly to fit the screen). I also adapted it so that it now works with the common unheadered 'good dump' (U) (!) ZAMN .smc rom; the same one that "Oh No! More" and "Sky's Hack" ZAMN patches use, rather than the specific (older?) .sfc headered rom previously needed that caused an "intro" to be added after patching rather than going straight to the game as normal.

My question is: would others be interested in this updated version? Nothing else is changed (at least, not intentionally!), but IMO it makes the hack feel a lot more like a 'proper' level pack without the old level names being used and it's nice to be able to use the same rom as the other two major hacks (Sky's & ONM) out there.

If so, how should I best upload it to RomHacks? I wouldn't want to overwrite/replace Frank's original v1.0 patch from 2005, in case I've unwittingly broken something (I've tried to test all the levels, even though I've just changed the level names and nothing more, but I can't be sure if any errors are a result of the original patch or being run through the newer editor), but I would like to make it publicly available for those who want an 'updated' (v1.1?) version.

Side note: one thing I did have issues with - likely an editor problem - was that using the letter 'T' for level titles adds too much space between that and the next character in most cases... I'm not experienced enough with rom hacking to fix this, but expect it might be possible by directly (hex) editing the rom rather than using the WYSIWYG editor I added the titles with.


Sounds like you've improved it enough to submit an addendum hack. (This is a category in the hack submission form.)

You just need to provide a patch between the old hack and the current version (for people who wish to patch from the old version). You can also include a patch for the original game like you've mentioned above.

Go for it. Couldn't hurt.

Bahamut ZERO

I would most certainly be up for another run through of UZAMN with this update.  :)

Doo eet!
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