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Author Topic: [PS1] Resident Evil trilogy  (Read 1743 times)


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[PS1] Resident Evil trilogy
« on: February 17, 2016, 07:09:09 pm »
Hi! I would gladly make a hungarian translation of this trilogy, but getting the text proved somewhat difficult. I was able to hack my translated script into RE2, so I think that's OK for now, but RE1 and RE3 are still a mystery to me. I'm using the Biofat utility, both the newest and the older ones (which even supported Dead Aim, and a lot of other games too). Sadly, the software quite unstable, but it's still something... But those files. No matter what, I just can't make any sense out of it, couldn't get the text. I have the German and Spanish versions as a base, since those have subtitles during cut-scenes. If someone could help just so I can view it in HEX editor, that would be enough for me. It's not my first project, I localised a few NES and SNES games, and my ongoing project is Silent Hill. I would like to continue this year with more survival-horror. RE2 looks fine with more easily editable text, it's just those other too...
Thanks in advance!

- Feri

PS.: I know the structure. *.RDT or *.ARD supposed to contain room informations, and likely, decrypting or extracting the contents of such files should yield various camera, and what-not setting, including the ones I need, the *.MSG. I can get those in RE2, but not so much in 1 and 3. Actually, in the case of RE2, I can edit the *.RDT directly, since the game (or at least the german vesion) appearently uses a simple method to contain its text, and a plain old relative search was enough.
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