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Ogre Battle 64 Hard Mode
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:34:35 pm »
I know there has been talk of Ogre Battle 64 hard mode and that it is very difficult to do with how hard it is to edit Ogre Battle.  Most of the game is compressed so it is very hard to make changes.  However, it looks like you can edit stats and class attributes and what not.  What if we could make a hard mode by just editing the class growth stats and lowering them?  This would give you less stats when you level, which would also slow down you getting into the master classes.  We could also nerf OP classes like the paladin to be more fair.

I am very interested in doing this, however I need some help.  Thanks to ZOINKITTY, I was given the location of some of the class information.  Here is an example of what I was given.

Class data starts at 0x5DB14 (80187C5C / 80187C14)
0x0   4   p->type name
0x4   1   size
0x5   1   sex
0x6   1   leadership
0x7   1   unknown
0x8   2   base HP
0xA   1   HP up at level

So I go to 5db14 in my hex editor and see

0x0005DB14: 80 19 03 70 FF FF FF 00 FF FF FF 00 FF FF FF 00

I don't know what this means.  Where would I go to change the hp up at level data?

In general this is what I am looking to do.  In Ogre Battle 64 when you level up as a fighter you get

5 hp
4 strength
3 vitality
3 intelligence
3 mentality
2 agility
3 dexterity

I would like to change these numbers and make them lower for all classes so that in theory the game becomes harder.  Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.