Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War Re-translation (Project Naga)

Started by ddstranslation, February 02, 2016, 03:36:09 AM

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This looks really great. I've actually been playing FE4 recently in anticipation of the new game being release. The test demo you guys have shown looks to be a big improvement over the translation that is currently available, I especially like the new font. Keep up the good work!


Having a nice translation might convince me to slog through the absurdly huge chapters on this game lol


Good work. It will be nice to play FE4 with full item and weapon names.


This looks awesome. :)

Is there any chance you might be able to look at Thracia 776 after this?  From memory, it had a pretty solid script translation but the menus were a hot mess.  I haven't looked at it in years, though, maybe someone's fixed it up and I'm out of the loop.

samurai goroh

That's some great news, keep up the work :)

BTW, I once read that the names of the characters didn't had an official translation back then, but now the do. Are you going to use say Lewyn instead of Levin, Ferry instead of Fury and so on?
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What kind of official localization you use for this patch?
Will you use Levin Sword for Thunder Sword ?




Wow! I'm very impressed! I didn't know that project Naga was in such advanced state!

I read the BookofHolsety translation and it's a definite upgrade!
The new font is great! Didn't know it was possible to have musch less abreviations.

If I remember right, BookofHolsety is aldready retranslating Fire Emblem 5 : Thracia 776. I don't expect much progress until the release of FE4 thought.

I'm really eager to see how the graphics translations are implemented (such as the title screen and the chapters name).

The test demo blew me away, you sir, totally shattered my expectations! I'll be sure to check your other projects!



Oh the graphics are done! You're working so fast! After years of waiting, it's really incredible that the project came so far.

Is it possible to have a screenshot of the new title screen?

It will be so weird to have it translated now!



Quote from: ddstranslation on February 18, 2016, 01:56:04 AM
I put up a pic of the title screen in the top post.

Wow! It looks great! Thanks for showing us, I'm having a blast!
The font looks like the modern fire emblem title font (like awakening and FE Fates).


Quote from: ddstranslation on February 18, 2016, 01:56:04 AM
Thanks, though I can't take any credit for the graphics. Those were done by Bookofholsety's friend, who is very good at what he does. :) 

Oh, you! *blushes* Thanks for the shout-out.

Hi, there. Treeofmight a.k.a AzimuthFE here. As DDS said, I have been working on the graphics for the game. They are waiting for bookofholsety's approval, but they're all there. Now I am playing around with the RAM in the final chapter. I am hoping that changing around the RAM contents might change the ending and make it easier to test.

So yeah, that's where the project stands right now. Personally I'm quite excited. Now that our work is synched up, for the first time it feels like the project is beginning to take its final form.

Edit: Since DDS is posting his screens I may as well post mine:

Also, here's an animated version of that title:


Quote from: ddstranslation on February 18, 2016, 01:56:04 AM

I had a feeling that they were looking at FE5, but I never got a chance to ask or verify. I wouldn't mind working on that after this, though it'll be up to them.

That would be awesome! Fire Emblem Thracia 776 is a good game, but the translation patch is unfinished and unprofessionnal (there's 4th wall breaking memes just cause the translator got bored!). Nobody knew how the code worked and that left a very unfinished product:
there's 2 patchs:
One where the story and dialogue translated, but EVERYTHING else is an untranslated mess.
and the other where only the items and menus are translated.

You seemed to have developped new tools to work with FE4, maybe you'll be able to figure this problem that plagued FE5.

All in all, FE4 is looking AMAZING!


Quote from: ddstranslation on February 18, 2016, 01:56:04 AM
Me too. :)  I had never finished a Fire Emblem game before, but this one will be my first.
Oh my, must be odd having the game spoiled to you by translating it.  :o