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Author Topic: Syphon Filter 2 Utility issues  (Read 976 times)


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Syphon Filter 2 Utility issues
« on: January 31, 2016, 05:16:42 am »
Good morning everyone,
I am new here and I am pleased to meet you all.

Surely videogames of childhood never loose their charm, no matter how much clunky and outdated gameplay and graphics are. I guess every gamer has his/her very own list of these good-old memories and Syphon Filter 2 is one of these in my own list. Well... Actually nostalgic call made me dig up SF2 from my old PSX games pile and, after a couple hours of playing, I realized that nowadays "just" playing is not enough for me anymore because I feel I want to explore files behind this game that amused for a lot of years, to look for "hidden" material cut out from final release and stuff like that... You know... Some kind of alternative and more satisfying enjoyment.

That is the way I came up here. Googling around pointed me to MarkGrass's Foghogger Syphon Filter utility hosted in RHDN. I succesfully extracted .HOG files related to multiplayer characters and titles and then I encountered some issues:
  • Disassembling .HOG files related to movies returns me a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error

  • Disassembling .FOG files related to any levels returns me an error reporting two following lines
    Extract() Fail!
    _Offset >= _Filesize

Since "search function" unfortunately did not pointed me to any helpful thread, I would really appreciate an answer from anyone who already succesfully extracted levels files (or perhaps from MarkGrass itself, if I am lucky enough!...) as I am really curious to explore content of these files.