New Super Mario World - Quest of Keys [New title screen and video]

Started by MarioStar, September 27, 2016, 08:53:50 PM

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Introducing the new hack "New Super Mario World - Quest of the Keys" with vanilla style Super Mario World. This hack contains 12 worlds and 120 exits. It is legal and definitive.

Mario will find the keys, Bowser stole twelve keys and scared the Princess Peach. Mario can find all of the keys?

Worlds List:

World 1: Peaking Mushroom (0%)
World 2: Beach Thrill (0%)
World 3: Casino Drums (0%)
World 4: Egyptian Ancient (0%)
World 5: Swamp Woods (0%)
World 6: Crystal Mines (0%)
World 7: Alpine Rocks (0%)
World 8: Snowflake Slippery (0%)
World 9: Heaven Highlands (0%)
World 10: Neon Frizzy (0%)
World 11: Starlight Lunatic (0%)
World 12: Bowser's Volcano (0%)

Overall progress:

Now for the screenshots:

New level of design is better and HDMA effects.

New story of my hack is improved with Google translator allows you to translate Portuguese to English.


I will post more updates soon! Stay tuned!