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[Snes]Neo Fire Emblem

Started by yugisokubodai, October 03, 2016, 08:37:53 AM

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I was listening to Fire Emblem music while driving to work several months ago.
Then many ideas come up to me, urged me to start a Fire Emblem game.
And now I call this project is "Neo Fire Emblem".
Let me introduce a little.

Platform: Nintendō Super Famicom
Genre: ???  I guess I don't have enough time nor ability to make a TBS game. So currently, I have some ideas described below.
Gameplay: player must seize the castle to win the map. But no enemies on map, except the castle defending boss. All other battles will be encountered randomly like Final Fantasy games.
In battle, we still have parameter like HP, EXP, STR, MGC, DEF... and some skills. Hit, evade no longer exist. Because it depends on player by pressing a sequence of buttons to hit enemy or to evade their attacks.
Also, pressing precious button sequence quickly will trigger critical blow or skills...

This is what I mean:

So each battle will end if the enemy or the player is dead. No "non death" battle exist. Fight to death, what else do you want?

Story: inspired by a tale which was told by Levin to Celice in Fire Emblem 4. You can read it (Japanese) as below.

Progress currently:

+ Text module: completed
+ Battle module: on progress
+ Menu module: not yet
+ Map module: not yet
+ BGM/music: not yet

I don't know when it's finished, because I'm super busy.
I use entire my precious free time to code this game.

Need help

I need help in drawing sprites/avatars. Offcourse I can use ones from other FE games, but I don't want to mess with Nintendō. That's why.
Any homemade avatar/sprite with 16 colors is welcomed.
Sprite size: 32x32 pixels.
Avatar size: 48x64 pixels.

Note that the Snes can display a 256x248 pixels screen.

Currently, the language is Vietnamese. If everything goes well, I'll translate this game to Japanese and English.

I'm not programmer. I had no programming basic when I first joined RHDN. But thanks to the assembly documents here, as well as many helps from kind people here, now I have some 65816 basic. So this is a chance to test my asm skill, and offcourse I need your help to complete this game.

Thank you for reading.

P/s: my Neo Fire Emblem channel here.

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What the battle will look like.






This looks cool! I like the action commands you have to press. It reminds me of paper mario, tomato adventure, etc.

It's impressive what you have so far.


What is original name?  I want to see it myself without translation.
Are you huge fan of Megaman Xtreme 2?   Then check this progress of Remastered version!


Cool, but you should probably avoid the Fire Emblem name and any reference to other people's intellectual propriety. Using Fire Emblem as an inspiration source is of course fine.

I love the FE series but it is flawed in that most game are a bit too hard and it requires way too much on luck. FE7 on GBA is by far my favourite.


Quote from: bradzx on November 11, 2016, 12:31:23 PM
What is original name?  I want to see it myself without translation.

This is not translation, dude.