Pokemon japanese Green / Blue Hybrid idea - Need help

Started by MicManGuy, July 10, 2018, 07:51:42 PM

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So I was looking for a way to play the japanese Gen 1 games. I found this Pokemon Green in English hack, which was almost exactly what I was looking for. It inserts all the old sprites and makes a lot of other changes. However, I also didn't want to essentially play USA Blue all over again. The Japanese Blue version has different exclusives and trades, etc. So I figured I would edit this Green Rom to have the pokemon locations of Japanese Blue.

I found this RBY Wild Pokémon Editor tool, which I used to alter the encounter tables. But it doesn't allow me to change the fishing tables, in-game trades, and Game Corner rewards. Does anyone know of a tool that lets me edit these?

According to Bulbapedia, that's all the changes there are. If anyone knows of any other changes, I would like to know them. I'm so close to finishing my little project.

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Help a noob out?

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Ok, so I've been using the ROM Map to alter the In-Game Trades manually. I finished all of them and it works pretty great. Only one Problem, though.

Trading for Haunter does not trigger it to Evolve into Gengar. The Pokemon Blue JP Romhack does it, so how do I? Strangely, the trade for Graveller evolves it into a Golem just fine.

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Turns out, the evolution script looks at the first two letter of the pokemon's name (not the nickname) to check if it should evolve, instead of the index number.

Quote; The names of the trade evolutions in Blue (JP)
; are checked. In that version, TradeMons that
; can evolve are Graveler and Haunter.

; In localization, this check was translated
; before monster names were finalized.
; Then, Haunter's name was "Spectre".
; Since its name no longer starts with
; "SP", it is prevented from evolving.

; This may have been why Red/Green's trades
; were used instead, where none can evolve.

; This was fixed in Yellow.

So now I have to go modify the script and I have no idea where that is. It checks for "S", then increments and checks for "P". ugh!

Any help in this matter would be great.

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I found it. Wow.

Offset   Before After

Now I just need to find the Game Corner data.

Source: https://hax.iimarckus.org/topic/6454/

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Was able to do Game Corner with PrizeEdit GB: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/821/
I just edited a regular USA blue with PrizeEdit, then created and applied an ips patch for all the work I had done up until this point. Worked like a charm!

Now I just need to find how to change:

1. Fishing Data Encounters for Good Rod and Super Rod
2. the after trade dialogue text back to "The ______ you traded me went and evolved!"

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I have reason to believe that the Fishing availabilty went completely unchanged in Pocket Monsters Blue (JP) from Green (although I don't have proof). So I'm leaving that alone.

So the only thing left is: change the after trade dialogue text back to "The ______ you traded me went and evolved!"


I have checked and the fishing encounters were unchanged. As I recall Old Rod is set to only catch Magikarp, Good Rod is fixed to two possible encounters and Super Rod is the only one that varies by map. I forget where the data is. Could look it up but I recall it was identical aside from pointers changed due to different ROM offsets between Green, JP Blue and EN Blue.
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Thanks for that confirmation. I tested it out a bit on Pocket Monsters Ao and it seemed to be the case. But it's nice to know for sure.

I don't suppose you could point me to good information about finding NPC text pointers? I was able to find the exact spot (Offset A8213) where the text I'm trying to restore was supposed to be by comparing it to an unpatch ROM (it was filled with 00 values in the patched one). But restoring the text wasn't enough. I'm new to this so I don't really know where to look.

I think I have to find the NPC, but the ROM MAP isn't being too helpful. Or maybe I just don't know what to look for.

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Well, I did the lazy thing and found the new line that the other modder made and just overwrote that (82AC1). It worked for both NPCs, which is great. Made me plenty happy to see it in game. I wish I could have learned something and done it the right way, but getting it done makes me feel great, too. huzzah!


Couldn't you just use this hack?
I played all 3 patches, and the attention to detail is a lot more thorough than the patch you mentioned.


I've heard of a Pokemon Green dissassembly akin to Red/Blue/Yellow being in the works, but it's not complete yet.


As Chronosplit mentioned, try looking into the disassemblies available on GitHub. With some trial and error (and digging through old commits for where Japanese Blue was once part of the repo) you should be able to cobble together something in the vein you're looking for.