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Im new to rom-hacking.

Started by iikamstergamingii, December 31, 2015, 04:34:10 PM

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Im new to rom-hacking and I have a question: can I rom hack on a tablet or phone? Please tell me!


You will have a hard time doing so -- most tools from the more generic to the game specific stuff is coded for some flavour of DOS or Windows, indeed owing to the nerfing of visual basic runtimes on newer versions of windows even they can be annoying.

That said you can run ROMs, modified ROMs even, some emulators have some basic cheat searching and debugging features, there are hex editors (albeit basic ones), there are websites which have disassemblers ( ) and you may be able to get some form of tile editor running somehow (not sure on this one). To that end technically yes you could do a useful ROM hack on a phone or tablet. I would hate to do any kind of project or even something more elaborate than a few iterations on something I already knew about a given game. You would be so much better served even with an old windows XP laptop or something though -- give or take some of the higher end emulators and some of the really crazy searches then nothing in ROM hacking really demands a powerful system.