Best way to extract and later recreate a PSX image file?

Started by love_undub, December 28, 2015, 05:20:00 PM

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I would like to try to undub a PSX game, so that the western release can still be played with the translated text but the voices are again in Japanese. I have image files (BIN/CUE) of the original Japanese version of the game and the western localized version and can mount them for example with DAEMON Tools and look at all the files, but this doesn't seem to be the best way to extract a PSX game, when I simply try to copy all files of the mounted image, at some point I get a Windows message, that some files could not be read. I am sure, that the image is not corrupt and I think I read somewhere in the past, that PSX images can't be simply extracted like this, so which program or tool is recommended to extract the images so I can swap some files and what is the best way to recreate an images that can be used with a PSX Emulator or maybe even to burn a disc compatible with a PSX console?

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Would this be a good answer?,20747.msg291542.html#msg291542

Hi, thanks a lot for the reply  :) The title of the topic looks promising (Having Trouble Extracting ISO), however it seems that the thread starter just didn't use the correct words, since all they talk about is how to rip a PSX game from an optical drive and recommend tools like CloneCD or ImgBurn. Fortunately I am already one step ahead and have working images (did test them with an emulator) and now I want to find out how to change them to create an undub version of the game.

I can mount the images with Daemon Tools and play the game this way with an emulator and view the files in Windows Explorer and I think I already identified the files I need to swap. However it seems that I can't simply extract the image by copying all the files via Windows Explorer into a new folder.

Since I came across some undubbed PSX games before there must be a way to extract or edit PSX games, so if anybody knows how to do this, it'd be great if you could share these information here  :)


Have you searched the forums and utilities?
(I'd have thought you can just copy files off a mounted Daemon tools image, but I may be wrong.)
This is promising:

I'm tempted to say that PSX CD images are supposedly just CD images, with a special mode activated. I don't remember where I read stuff about it, though...


I did play around with the tools you linked too, the utility called FISGON looked promising and it did unpack a full PSX ISO with no error message, however the consequence by doing this by sectors instead of folder structure seems to be that the output is just a long list of files that are numbered, so it is hard/impossible for me right now to identify the files I want to swap.

But the tool could indeed be very useful since I got no error messages and the description says, that the tool can extract hidden files by doing it sector based. I am not sure in which way files might be hidden in the images, but maybe that is why I get error messages when trying to extract the images on my computer using Daemon Tool or ISO-Buster, which probably do it by folder structure.

The other two utilities which are for creating PSX ISOs or inserting files are most likely very useful, once I successfully extracted an ISO and identified the files I want to swap, hope someone with some more experience (any PSX hackers who did a fan translation or an undub before here?) can give me a few more hints  ;)


The only tool out there which is really able to properly recreate PSX ISO images, including XA streams is PIxel's cd-tool. Albeit complex to use and to find on the web.