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Author Topic: help with miles edgeworth investigations 2 character voices editing  (Read 1142 times)


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hi all.

we're a team that is translating the Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 to spanish based on the english version (prosecutor's path).

I'm here to ask you help with a trouble we have recently.

We're experimenting problems at time to edit the character voices, because are edited to have the timing that is required for the english version of the voices.

when we try to put our voices,part of them become cutted in the middle of the pronunciation.

although,cant find (and edit) some voices, like the "hold it" of nicoles switch,presiden'ts and knightley in case 1.

we really don't have any member with ROM hacker knowledges,cause we work with the same tools the english team created when were translating the game.

so we ask help to some ROM hacker that can help us to edit this files and make the sound timings adapted to our pronunciation files.

thanks in advance