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Battletoads Hacking

Started by TheLuigiLightning, December 15, 2015, 04:31:53 PM

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Something that has always bugged me is that there are no real hacks of Battletoads out there.  The most I've seen is a tiny mod, and a bug fix.

Battletoads is easily my favourite NES game, and possibly my favourite game of all time.  I just wish that someone would be able to create some sort of level editor for the game, so I could experience that fun all over again, possibly with harder and longer stages.  A lot of care should be put into it.  If such a thing could see the light of day, that would be the most amazing thing in the world!

Any programmers out there reading this?  I'm hoping that one of you could take a look at the assembly code of Battletoads, and find some way of working with it.  I'll support you in any way I can!
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I don't think Ti_'s double dragon mod is tiny. Did you try it? it has several level changes and the dragons gameplay is different (it's not just a graphics hack).

But I agree with you that we could have more battletoads hacks which alter the game in a more radical way. Perhaps it's just too difficult due to the compression and variety in gameplay.

One cool idea would be to make it a solely beat em up game, or another hack with only the vehicle levels (remixed of course).

Ti_ told me that sometimes the graphics are the hard part. To me the technical programming is the hard part, so maybe a joint effort could give us results.

Dr. Floppy

Once my Oziak series gets off the ground, Battletoads is definitely on the shortlist.


That's great! I only know basic hacking but you can count me in too if you need help when you get to it.


Here's a video of new BattleToads hack by UnderCrops & BalinDMK (partially based on Battletoads-Rematch):