Legend of Zelda, Qaulity of Life/ open world series projects

Started by ChaosPrime8, January 24, 2018, 07:59:18 AM

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So starting with Zelda 1, I am going to make hacks of all sprite based top down zelda games. what they all have in common is less punishing game design, but retained difficulty, bug fixes, non-linearity that rivals the level design of Zelda 1 (starting with A Link to the Past), a translation closer to the original japanese text, and other patches to enhance the game experience.  some of the dungeons will have significant changes to make them more interesting, but quests will be streamlined a lot more so starting with Link's Awakening, story gating will be almost non-existent (Zelda3 will have almost all of its story gates removed, but they are not that common and most are in the light world. 


I shall be interested to see the results. Any order type play is something which appeals, even if it can be trickier to do well and tell a nice story.

A question though. What is difficulty? We see people looking at final fantasy clones and for some of them difficulty = grinding. While that does not necessarily apply here the spirit of the question does.

I am not the most versed in the NES and SNES efforts but the others when you say punishing game design I tend to think bad text/point and click adventure game or system shock style poor specialisation choices (I even once played a not terrible but far from refined point and click game with system shock style potential for poor specialisation), none of them particularly had that. Or do you mean like the boss where you can fall off and have to restart its health bar being harder to fall off? Or do you mean since the advent of regenerating health the part where you screw up a previous fight and have to go into a set piece with nothing no longer happens?


I am going to...

...get curious when I see some progress posted.



Don't you already have your own thread about this?

If you're rewriting the text, I hope you won't be relying entirely on playtesters to ensure qaulity.
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well it is an updated topic but perhaps they could be combined. anyway, the text rewrites are to make the clues much clearer. for example, "10 enemy has the bomb" will be replaced with more a vital hint such as finding the silver arrows in level 9.  the "never say die" trope will be averted so "eliminated the good king of hyrule" will be changed to "murdered the good king of hyrule."  palaces will be called temples.  also i will have to sacrifice some story segments in ages because many sections in game are story gated so it is a sacrifice i am strongly willing to make if it adds more open-ness to the level design. i might have two quests from zelda 3 where there is the standard open level design and a more challenging second quest. trap rooms that can soft lock the game are the most common design flaws. 

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i should also add that the goron dance mini-games and the subrosian stealth missions will no longer be required for the main game.


Current Update: my hack is ready for playtesting. I have a patch available. 




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here is the link to my patch. hopefully, this is a valid one.




so what i did was that i removed the soft locks from dungeons (hopefully all of them are gone). some of the bosses have been swapped and the raft is no longer a dungeon item. some hints have been retranslated, and some of the physics were altered such as more iframes and less knockback, and pushing blocks have less delay.  unfortunately do not have pictures to share because there is not really much to display.  the over world tile set has minor changes.