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YADP, xDelta Front-end for Linux

Started by Nhoya, November 20, 2015, 09:22:50 AM

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Hello guys,
I'm here to introduce my new project:YADP (Yet Another Delta Patcher)

There are lot of front end for xDelta on windows but i think this is the only one for Linux (not sure but i found nothing about)

I Started last night so it's still an early version but it actually works nice.

YAPD is written in bash and have the front-end support thanks to YAD (a Zenity Fork)
For now it's only able to patch but ASAP i'll work on patch generation

So, before to start it you have to install xdelta3, awk and yad.
For xdelta3 and awk you can find it in mostly of the common distros repos but for yad (if you can't find it on your repos) you can  compile it from here or just install the pre-compiled package from here

After solving the dependencies just clone the repo with (or download the pack from here!h4okhKrC!0mwagJ2H8a1gQsdH4fkHjkPOkiDTWgj8iwT8v7P3mq4)

git clone
and double click on YADP to start it.
For trouble with YAPD please reply down or direclty on the repo