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Author Topic: The Legemd of Zelda, The Sky Dimension (OOT DEBUG ROM HACK)  (Read 2215 times)


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The Legemd of Zelda, The Sky Dimension (OOT DEBUG ROM HACK)
« on: November 17, 2015, 10:50:37 pm »
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The world of hyrule is in trouble, Zelda sent all the residents of hyrule into the sky...
20 years later...
Link has been killed and his decandent, Sky, has to come down to hyrule to stop the endless war between the hylians and the gerudo. It's not that easy, however. The gate between the sky and the overworld is not easy to break, you need to have the Megaton Hammer in order to break the gate. You enter the Sky Temple, equipped with your sword, shield, bow, and hookshot, you feel like nothing can stop you! But, Inside the temple, there are very dangerous creatures, such as fire keese that can burn your shield. You get the Megaton Hammer, and beat the dungeon. You break the seal and go down to hyrule. That's the story so far.

Practice Sword + Wooden Shield
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Skyloft Clothing

Temple of the Sky

Temple of the Oceans Past

Temple of Darkness


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